Tom Burt Part-Owner Of Winterstick

Telluride, CO – August 28th, 2008 – Winterstick Snowboards, long known for high-quality, high-performance big mountain boards, has tapped legendary rider athlete Tom Burt to promote and bolster the brand's presence nationwide. Burt has been the face of Winterstick since 2002, and now steps into a role as part-owner, dedicated rider, and stake-holding brand ambassador.

Now in its second season of manufacturing with Wagner Custom, just outside of Telluride, CO, Winterstick is holding strong with a line of boards that are better than ever before, with Burt's design input and Wagner's hand-built to-order process. Winterstick continues to focus on its core competency in big mountain riding, with the 2008-09 season line-up featuring the Swallowtail – the ultimate powder board- and the popular ST and Tom Burt models, optimized for steep, technical big-mountain riding through the professional rider's feedback.

With Burt at the helm as rider/owner, Winterstick stays true to its mountain riding roots established 35 years ago, when Dimitrije Milovich, a displaced surfer living in Utah, shaped the first Swallowtail in an effort to carve some snow. Burt intends to raise the profile of the Winterstick brand, one that has been indelible despite its challenges before the 2001 acquisition by its current owners, Bigelow Mountain Partners, LLC of Freeport, Maine.

"Winterstick has always been the premier mountain ride board, and the brand has always been about backcountry and big mountain freeriding," said Burt. "Since I joined Winterstick in 2002, we've been developing and improving a select line of boards true to the sport of mountain riding, and its growing market. As an athlete-driven owner, I'll be transferring my strong connection to the brand as a rider to an even stronger connection to design and product, and refining our boards for optimal performance."

Burt will work closely with Pete Wagner in Wagner Custom's "micro-factory", where each board is built by hand, allowing for Burt's input and tweaks to make an immediate impact on board performance.

In the start of last season, Wagner Custom acquired the U.S. and Canadian licensing agreement for the marketing, manufacturing and distribution of Winterstick snowboards. Wagner Custom produces Winterstick's select 2008-09 season line, all produced on-demand and shipped direct to consumer. Winterstick snowboards are available exclusively through

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