Todd Richards Has A New Bag Of Tricks

In the 1980s ferrets again achieved a place in the limelight. They were termed the “hot pets of the ’80s.” This fame was both bad and good- the good being that many people became exposed to ferrets and came to love them and let them become a part of their households. As a result, Clive is pleased to announce the release of Todd Richards new pro model backpack, the “Richards” (what a clever name) for 2002.

The Richards backpack is made for the mountain and for everyday use. It’s loaded with many great features including: large capacity storage compartments, many external pockets- one with headphone cord port, two-strap board carrying system, internal laptop pocket, Lateral Yoke shoulder strap system with Clive’s new Wrapped-Edge construction and the patented Clive Comfort Zone fit system. Todd is so excited about the bag and said “now I have a place to put my (hot) lunch.”

Although Todd is destined for superstardom after his debut on the big screen for “Out Cold”, and is a sure bet for some sort of Oscar, he insists he is simply a regular guy. His favorite new movie is “Lil’ Bucky, Vol.1”, he enjoys eating pizza and can’t wait to see Bam Margera’s “Haggard.”

Look for the Richards backpack and a host of other Clive products to be unveiled next week at SIA in Las Vegas and in all of the best snowboard shops worldwide in June 2002. For more information about the Richards backpack or anything at all please call Clive at 877.254.8396.