Calgary Native and all around ripping shred, TJ Schneider has joined Bern Unlimited as a new snow athlete. TJ has been in the game for awhile and his coverage and hard work have taken him around the world on a snowboard. He has led a creative charge with his riding and art work, which is evident on his body in the form of tattoos and injuries, on the pages of every snowboard magazine the last 6 years, and in the heads of groms around the world.

“TJ Schneider brings a unique perspective with him to Bern, we welcome his creative riding and artistic pursuits as his influence on Bern will be fun to see. His riding is always big, fluid and smooth. We are really excited to work with him as he has always been one of our favorite riders, said Josh Walker, Marketing/Team Manager

“Protecting your head is a good idea , and I’m stoked to be a part of a company that is interested in making a product that will convince kids that protection doesn’t always have to make you look lame,’ Said Tj Schneider. “Bern is making really great products that not only look good but also can save your life.

Look for a signature model to be released by Bern and TJ this January at SIA, also look for TJ in Capita’s movie “first Kiss.

Bern Unlimited makes all-season head protection for action sports. Check them out at and