Tiny Type October 07

It’s October, and while it might seem like a slow month to you, there’s lots of news coming out of Shreddom this month. That’s right, just because the snow hasn’t started falling yet doesn’t mean life ain’t being lived.

News Flash!

The Burton Empire continues to grow. That’s right. And it’s with no real surprise that we announce the company’s acquisition of Channel Island Surfboards. Here’s what the press release said: “The founders of each company, Al Merrick and Jake Burton Carpenter, forged an agreement over the fact that they share a similar mindset and passion for their respective sports.” It’s a pretty big deal, when you think about it. But honestly, what we’re really thinking about is all the free surfboards we’re gonna get out of this deal! You can be sure that’s what’s on every teamrider’s mind, too.

Also, big news on Washington’s Vashon Island recently: K2 is closing its Vashon offices (where the company has resided since the early 60s) and moving to the mainland! Yep, that goes for the whole group, including Ride Snowboards, Morrow, 5150, et cetera. The new joint is some 28,000 square feet of finished office space right in the thick of Seattle. While this news is great for all them poor, Sea-town-dwelling employees who had to cough up for the ferry every day, it’s bad news for all the others who either live on the island or other outlying locations. Either way, the move should be complete by this September. Oh, and the new K2 team manager replacing Ryan Runke is longtime Big Bear shredder-loc Lance Hacker. Will he be able to fill the shoes (and hollow leg) of Runke? Stay tuned. Runke in the meantime, has found a perfect fit at Rome Snowboards running the marketing side of things. He says, “I could not be more stoked to be here as it is a perfect fit to my lifestyle, and overall beliefs in snowboarding.”

TWS Events Manager Jardine Hammond took a job recently with Element Skateboards managing the women’s streetwear line. We could fill up Tiny Type with stories of behind-the-scenes good times had with Jardine, but we’ll just have to say a big thanks to her for all her hard work and love over the years. Those are gonna be some difficult pointy-toed, leather slouch boots to fill up around here. Let’s shred this winter!

Real Genius

During the official photo shoot for the MDP People ad campaign in Salt Lake City, riders pulled legendarily dumb moves. Curtis Woodman went to get on his plane in Reno and found out that he had booked his flight for January 1, not May 1-blame it on the “online reboot.” But what was Josh Mills’ excuse for deboarding the plane in Boise on his way to the shoot? He woke up and thought it was SLC. Ah, gotta love those pro snowboarders.

There’s some new information floating around the Grenade Army front: Tim Karpinski of Grenade design and creative just bought a really nice house in Portland’s Alberta Street area-the artsy district, of course. He’s got a new solo work space downtown, and while still slaving away on Grenade projects, Pinski plans to expand his design domain to reach other stuff the world over. Also, Grenade is opening another shop up at Windells Snowboard Camp (in the old 76 station out front), as well as an additional one in Portland-right downtown. The company is also moving all ops north from Mammoth to PDX, including the warehouse, sticker production, and Dave Schiff.

Let’s see, what else? Oh, Robbie Sell is moving from Tahoe to Portland this fall, as well, we heard. Yep, him and his gal and their dog. Also, Mikey LeBlanc reportedly left his snowboard at Andy Forgash’s house one day in Portland and then proceeded to leave town. Always the gracious host, Forgash proceeded to put the snowboard on eBay and advertise it truthfully as “Mikey LeBlanc’s snowboard that he left at my house.” We’re still not sure about the outcome of that auction, although we did see Forgash recently-but we forgot to ask him about it.

Oh, Canada!

While surfing haas Blue Crush and skateboarding has The Lords Of Dogtown, snowboarding will soon have a movie made by Randy Ross of Endeavor Snowboards creative. Set in Whistler and Vancouver, B.C., the story’s about three Canadians growing up in the pro-snowboard scene-an art house coming-of-age about snowboarders “finding themselves.” Chris Brown plays supporting lead as Damien, the wild child, and Johnny Lyall plays Max, the creepy video guy and Damien’s party partner. Apparently Browner went through a rigorous audition process and then other tough rehearsals to make sure he had the stuff. So far, stunts have been done by Rube Goldberg, Chris Wymbols, Chris Brown, Johnny Lyall, Jon Sommers, and Kale Stephens. Keep an eye out in a theater near you next year. For more info, go to Switchthemovie.ca.

As long as we’re talking about Canada, and more specifically Whistler, we should mention that Burton rookie Spencer O’Brien graduated high school recently. Instead of grumbling and feeling old like we’re inclined to, we’re just pasting on smiles right now and congratulating her. With that pesky education out of the way, she’ll have plenty of time to hone her mean shred skills.

In other Whistler news that makes us feel old, Simon Chamberlain (along with his twin brother Andrà‡) celebrated his twenty-first birthday up at Camp Of Champions during a barbecue thrown by Nomis and Stepchild. Unfortunately, turning 21 only really means something when you’re in the U.S., but we’ll give him a happy birthday toast anyway.

Internal Affairs

As always, there’s plenty of news about snowboard people gettin’ hitched and having babies, the turning wheel of life, et cetera, et cetera-so here we go: Leslie Olsen was married in Bend, Oregon recently-sounds like it was a real Bend snowboard family reunion. Colorado’s Jeff Potto, photographer and unofficial mayor of Vail, had a baby recently with his wife. The little dude’s name? Addison Robert Potto! DCP and his new wife Megan Pischke had a little girl, and Jussi Oksanen’s lady Zoe is about to burst any day with their very own mini shredder! British personality-at-large Ed Leigh (a.k.a. Satan Whoppercock) will be a proud new father by the time you read this. And MDP’s Brad Kremer is expecting another little one, too. Congratulations to all.

It seems that San Clemente is the new hot spot for Scanners of the Finnish persuasion, including Eero Niemela, Lauri Heiskari, and Joni Malmi. Also, Jussi Tarvainen moved to Leucadia (right down the road from the TransWorld offices, actually) where he’s been working out with a personal trainer every day rehabbing old injuries, and oddly enough he has found a little community of recouping pro snowboarders at the gym, including the likes of Keir Dillon.

Quote of the Month

“Is it bad to laugh at the riders?”-Andy Wright, professional photographer.