Tiny Type (5/23)

They’re People Too

MDP’s Justin Eeles and Pierre Minhondo have just set up shop down the street in the former Academy Snowboard Co. offices in lovely Oceanside, California to catch some tasty waves and edit their highly anticipated, and upcoming release, We’re People Too. They’ve recently dropped a double teaser on the www, check it out here on MDP’s The Neighborhood site. We give it four thumbs up since it’s like two teasers in one, and since it’s totally sick. The People crew consists of Austin Smith, Bode Merrill, Bryan Fox, Filippo Kratter, Jon Kooley, Jordan Mendenhall, Josh Mills, JP Tomich, Justin Hebbel, Mitch Nelson, Nima Jalali, Pat McCarthy, Ryan Thompson, Shaun McKay, Stephen Duke, and Zac Marben.

After talks, JP Walks

JP Walker has hung up his iced-out Forum chain, and is no longer riding for Forum Snowboards or Special Blend Outerwear. More info to come later, but as of now JP has not made a move. If this were an official divorce, which it kinda is, we’re pretty sure irreconcilable differences between the two parties would have been cited on the paperwork.


Rider owned owned and operated, O-Matic Snowboards has stepped up their collective game and “officially moved it’s global headquarters from Jason Kanes’ kitchen to a real live office in downtown Encinitas, California.” The offices are located right on the 101 in Encinitas, and next door to cool-guy shop, UNIV. O-Matic’s team currently consists of Todd Richards, Tara Dakides, Louie Louie Vito, and JJ Johnson.

Whipping Girl

Transworld SNOWboarding Magazine welcomes High Cascade photo camp “graduate, Sarah Wirtanen from Lake Tahoe as our newest Angry Photo Department Intern. Welcome to the team Sarah, we think your aces; now go get us coffee and pick up the dry cleaning—now!

Screw this!

Uninc. shredder, Danny Davis is laying low in So Cal before heading out to the Bahamas in a couple days, and nursing a recent ankle surgery. Apparently Danny had a screw in there, and broke it in three places riding Superpark at Keystone a few weeks back—ouch, son! TWS’ own hard-boiled reporter, Annie Fast fired off a quick 10 Question with the lad, so check back for that on the web any minute now.

Radical Dude Club

Radical dude, The Dingo started a new club, aptly named The Radical Dude Club. He, Danny Kass, and Kevin Casillo have all recently been branded as official members of said club, by getting it’s logo emblazoned on their persons via needle and ink. It’s basically a club, well more of a gang really, for rad dudes and rad babes who want to hang out and be rad together. As it stands the current members are Dingo, Danny, Castabio, Silent Greg, Janae Twisselman (Radical Babe), Kenny Buongiorno (Sketchy D’s little brother), Cory Grove, and Pinksi. Casillo is claiming the club will be over a hundred strong by this time next year. For more info on how to get down, go to www.radicaldudeclub.com.