Tiny Type – 11/07

Chances are, you’ve recently stepped outside your house and noticed that something feels a little different. Wait a second, what happened to all the leaves? Why is there a giant scarecrow posted up in your neighbor’s yard? And why is it so cold? That’s right, it’s time to pack up your tank tops and short shorts, because it’s hoodie season once again, and nothing quite compares to stepping out into the crisp fall air in your favorite sweatshirt, knowing that just a few weeks away lies opening day and the start of a brand new season. Ah, sentimentality. Don’t you love it? We do.

In With The New

As a great man once said, “The times they are a-changin’,” and this is no exception in the snowboard world. Kale Stephens recently signed to Endeavor Snowboards. Billabong picked up sixteen-year-old Jamie Anderson. Jonas Michilot moved over to Earth. Eddie Wall is more alert than ever, what with all the free Rockstar energy drinks he’s getting as a member of their team. Rossignol picked up former Salomon team manager Alex Paschley, along with former Burton rider Wyatt Caldwell and ex-Sims dude John Jackson. Zach Dalton stepped up as DC’s new Am/Women’s team manager. Erik Messier will have no lack of tight pants on and off the snow this winter, as he joined both the Holden and Ambiguous teams. Travis Kennedy may want to start looking for a truck sponsor after rolling his Nissan Titan. Tim Eddy joined M4’s pro team, and Stevie Bell and Aaron Biittner are the newest All Stars at Park City.

Speaking of Park City, they made a snowboard video. It’s called City. Park City (featuring Shaun White, Jeremy Jones, and MFM). In other news of the video persuasion, Max Jenke of Endeavor Snowboards claims that the whole team is rocking the new Nokia video phones, which reportedly shoot DVD-quality video. Are cell phones the new digi-cams? We’ll see.


Mike “Mack Dawg” McEntire has finally stopped traveling and filming long enough to marry his long-time girlfriend Catherine. Also jumping on the marriage train are Bryan Iguchi, Ali Goulet, and their new wives. Congratulations go out to the newlyweds.

Shred TV

Reality television is not just for celebrities and hopeful fashion designers these days. A new series called “It’s Your Life” documents Trevor Andrew, Logan Short, Johnny Lyall, TJ Schneider, Dustin Craven, and Paavo Tikkanen throughout their respective seasons. The episodes also feature personal journals filmed with-you guessed it-Nokia video phones.

JP Walker has also reportedly joined a crew of other boardsports professionals including skateboarder Tosh Townend, surfers Tom Carroll, Kalani Robb, Yadin Nichols, Rizal Tanjung, and Ross Williams, and musician Jack Johnson to film The Benji Project. The movie is produced and hosted by surfer Benji Weatherley, and follows the riders as they search for the world’s best waves at Kandui Resort in the remote Mentawai Islands chain.

Do It For The Children

Gretchen Bleiler and six other celebrities posed semi-nude in the August 2006 issue of Jane magazine for Clothes Off Our Back, a nonprofit organization that auctions off celebrity attire and donates the proceeds to children’s organizations. This is Gretchen’s third magazine appearance sans clothing, as she posed nude in a hot tub for an EXPN Magazine spread, and also in a painted-on bikini with Tara Dakides and Jamie Little in the February 2004 issue of FHM.


Grenade is continuing its quest to take over the world-or at least Portland. Matt and Danny Kass recently closed the deal on a new warehouse deep in the southeast and opened a new shop on West Ankeny. Dave Schiff and Jason Bayne have relocated to the Rose City to help with these endeavors-Bayne’s first move being to reportedly hire a Hooter’s waitress to work at the new shop. Surprising? No.

In other Portland news, Mark Kohlman, Lukas Huffman, and Jesse Huffman are moving to New York. Snowsports patrons in the greater Rose City area willl be excited to hear about the new fusion pass being offered by Mt. Hood, which gives unlimited access to both Timberline and Skibowl. Now if only Meadows would join in, everybody would be happy. Speaking of Mt. Hood, Mikey LeBlanc, Andy Forgash, and Scotty Wittlake were reportedly vibed out by some snowboarders while enjoying a day of skiing at the mountain last spring. Kind of reminds you of the old fairy-godmother-dressed-as-a-disgusting-old-lady fairytale. No? Okay, maybe that’s just us.

Quote Of The Week

“Dude, I’ve literally arm wrestled old Romanian women over Ninja Turtle figurines.”-Matt Kass, on dealing with the competition while thrift shopping at the Goodwill Bins.