Tina & Dave On the Mic

So, are you satisfied with your MTV appearance today?

Yes, I’m very happy about having that done with.

How did it feel getting the Plexiglas cube filled with $4,000?

I thought that was the whole prize money, I didn’t know that was for me!

I can’t believe that they didn’t let you just take it.

I know, I asked for it in twenties, not ones!

Man, we could’ve gone to Vegas,

I know! Put it all on red.

That would’ve been awesome!

I guess I gotta pick up my check at the bottom.

Check-smeck, man

We want the cash!

We want cash!

We want the dollar-dollar! It’s all about the Benjamins, baby!

It is all about the Benjamins. If you showed up at a party with a Plexiglas cube of $4,000, you would have gotten into Puffy’s birthday party.

I would have gotten into Puffy’s birthday partythat’s what we’ll do next time.

But do you know who else got bumped out of the party?


Uhh … Minnie DriverI don’t think she made it into the party.

Who was that guy with makeup we saw outside?


Outside the Puffy party, with the fur coat on with all the rings …

Oh Little Richard?

Little Richard!

I don’t think that was him.


No, but we saw Christy Brinkley outside.

Yeah, she got in and already left. She was leaving early.

Oh really?

MTV, I’d have to say, really knows how to treat their athletes and put on a show, because I think they’re good at it. Did you notice that they paid for our rooms and paid for our luncheslet us order anything we wantedtold us we didn’t have to do anything we didn’t want to, told us, “If the jumps need to be changed, we’ll do whatever we can.” I just have to give thumbs up, props to MTV.

As it should be, because if it wasn’t for you guys, they wouldn’t be here.

So props to MTV for putting on a fun day.

Very cool, very, very good.

And they should make the trophies a little less dangerous, I already cut myself on it.

Yeah, it’s not so hot when they give you a trophy that’s made out of fighting knives to carry around on a slippery slope. It’s not that good of an idea.

Yeah laughter!

I bet you could throw it against the wall and it could stick!

It would stick!

Like a throwing star.

It would.

So I wanna know your take on this El NennoEl NinoElle Niño snow conspiracy? What’s the deal?

I think it was a big tease, because it’s now January 22, and winter just started today. So, it was just letting us warm up slowly.

Do you think it’s going to be a long winter?

No, it’ll be over by May, but we’ll get some pow turns in for sure. I was thinking that we weren’t going to get any pow turns in, but we’re definitely going to get a couple.

And you’re going to chase it around, right?

I’m going to chase it around now. I’m ready!

Sounds good. Tina Basich, you’re the biggest fox I’ve ever met in my whole life.

Thanks, Dave.

Could I have a kiss?

Yes laughter.