Tim Eddy and Shane Flood on Ambiguous

We’re continuing to grow the Ambiguous snow team with only the most talented and colorful of characters.

Case in point: Tim Eddy—Tim hails from Lake Tahoe, CA where in the summer he wears orange pants and wanders the woods with bears. In the winter Tim slaughters every mountain he steps on. Mr. Eddy worked with Autumn Line Cinema on “Never Felt Better” – folks at home can watch the teaser by going to www.autumnline.com.

Second case in point: Shane Flood—You might find Mr. Blood, aka. the transylvanian death, crusing the streets of Portland after midnight on his black and blood red Bianchi, or traveling the globe spreading the word of Marduk. You can also catch him in the new Mongo-Pro movie “Who Cares” mutilating a defenseless Subaru and knocking himself silly. “Who Cares” premiered for the West Coast at ASR to an unruly crowd, the East Coast gets their Premier on Sept. 29th in Burlington, VT at the Colchester Drive in Theater, and the Rockies gets hit on Friday October 6th when “Who Cares” takes on The Meeting Film Festival in Aspen, CO. www.mongo-pro.com.

Tim and Shane join Keegan Valaika, Travis Kennedy, Darrell Mathes, Corey Smith, Cory Cronk, Chris Bradshaw, Matty Ryan, Eric Messier and Cody Rosenthal on the Ambiguous snow team. Holy shit are we excited to have them as part of the family.