TIDAL celebrates and showcases the diverse creativity in the worlds of art and snowboarding. Two worlds so interwoven that they’ve become one. A fusion of style, freedom, expression, community and culture. These are the inspiring pillars that tie us together. In snowboarding as well as in creating works of art, it’s evident that the only constant is the mere act of it. But no turn on snow is the same as the one before, just as much as no stroke of a brush or pen is. This is where you find beauty in its original form. With the TIDAL art show we host these common values we share together, while celebrating the individuality within – in the place we hold dearest: the mountains.

2018 artist line-up: Schoph, Bryan Iguchi, Peter-John De Villiers, Jamie Lynn, Danny Larsen, Forest Bailey, Mike Knobel, Jah Harris, Jonathan Voellmy, Aaron Schwartz.

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