Following the highly productive ‘Ticket to Ride’ (TTR) Society’s annual general assembly, the governing body behind the TTR Pro Snowboarding Series, it was established that with significant system changes, new corporate look, and name, the tour would, without losing any momentum or direction, be able to give birth to its strategically masterminded ‘World Snowboard Tour’.

The existing TTR Pro Snowboarding Series will be phased out after the TTR QE event in South America (The Speedy Big Air Experience), the ‘World Snowboard Tour’ will roll into operation during the month of September, in Australia and New Zealand.

By November the 2005/2006 ‘World Snowboard Tour’ will have successfully passed via the Southern Hemisphere’s most prominent winter locations and heading, full force into the Northern Hemisphere snow season.

Why the change? For the first three seasons the TTR installed a fast advancement system know as the ‘Ticket System.’ Unique in professional sport, the ‘Ticket System’ enabled riders to advance rapidly from Qualification Events (TTR QE) to selected Pro Series events. It furthermore enabled access to Terje Haakonsen’s event; the end of season TTR finale, ‘The Arctic Challenge’ (TAC).

This spring a decision was taken by TAC organizers to move their event earlier on tour calendar, in favor of more favorable snow conditions. This left an open debate about the ‘Ticket to Ride’ strategy. The original mandate of the TTR Society to provide a transparent ‘Rookie to Pro’ development structure, providing young riders a clear path to the top of the sport was taken into account and, as Haakonsen and TAC became agents to change, a change was both imminent and welcomed.

So what has changed? The former TTR Pro Series and TTR Qualifying Event tiers have been entirely replaced by the TTR ‘Star Tiering’ system. All events on the tour will be classified as Pro Events but will be ranked via six star, five star, four star and three star tiering system. The application process for events to register for the tour and star tiering guidelines has now launched with application details being available for downloading on

The Southern Hemisphere will be, for the first time ever, included on the tour calendar. The TTR World Snowboard Tour will kick off in Australia and New Zealand this September.

This season there will be an official ‘TTR World Tour Ranking System’ and formal recognition of the ‘World Snowboard Federation’ (WSF). The exact functional operation of this ranking system is still in development and testing stages, more information will be available on in the coming weeks.

Furthermore, perhaps even headlining the long list of positives the new system has to offer are two key attributes professional snowboarding and Brand association aspire to ‘Titles.’ As a result of strategic change the establishment of the ‘TTR World Snowboard Tour Champion’ and ‘TTR World Number One’ titles are now reality. The race to claim them will soon begin and will finish shortly after the 2006 Olympics.

The TTR Society, a Swiss based non-profit organization, developed to bring value to the sport of snowboarding and recognize both its rookies and leaders, strives to provide more riders consistent, annual access to the tour and defines a clear path to the top echelons of Professional Freestyle Snowboarding.

Star Tiering guidelines, Event Application forms and Ranking System information is now available on