Three Minutes With Shaun White At The Northstar Grand Prix

We caught up with Shaun White at the Chevy S-10 Grand Prix at Northstar-at-Tahoe. The mini ripper was once again showing much older pros that he’s serious about competing and one of these days he’s going to actually win one of these contests.

Right now he’s just surprised that he’s been nominated for the TransWorld Riders’ Poll Rookie of the Year Award. Chances of winning? Wait until March 5th to find out.

LJ: So are you going to qualify today?
SW: I hope so.

LJ: Where are you at now?
SW: Twentieth.

LJ: Where do you have to be to qualify?
SW: Fifteenth, so I’ve got five guys to go.

LJ: Five more guys and one more run. Are you nervous?
SW: Kind of.

LJ: Do you get nervous at contests?
SW: Sometimes, but not that much.

LJ: How many Grand Prix’s have you done?
SW: This is the first year I’ve been in them, so a couple.

LJ: What if you win the car?
SW: I’d try to drive it.

LJ: Would you give it to your Mom?
SW: Yeah probably, she’d like that.

LJ: What’s your trick for this pipe?
SW: Ah, probably a crippler.

Shaun didn’t end up qualifyig even though he’s pretty close to perfecting his pipe run that includes big airs, plus a McTwist to 700 to Haakonflip. He did do a damn good Crippler, but it wasn’t enough to put him in the finals. I guess that new car is going to have to wait, Mom.