ThirtyTwo and Crab Grab collab again!

More often than not snowboard brand collabs are one-and-done, but that's not the case with rider-owned ThirtyTwo and Crab Grab.  Theses two brands are sticking together to create a new Crab Grab edition of ThirtyTwo's iconic, best-selling Lashed boot for 2014.

“This is a dream come true, all over again. If you liked this year’s boots, then you’ll love the new ones. And if you already loved this year's boots, you’ll want to make love to the new one. They’re luxurious," said Preston Strout, Crab Grab Creator.

The ThirtyTwo x Crab Grab Lashed boot, being held by Preston, will be available globally for fall 2014. This boot was built for instant comfort, even flex and light weight shredding.

Crab Grab is a small brand that recalls the days when a man was measured by his method, not the number of flips he can do off one jump.  The brand exists to make simple, functional traction products in hopes to inspire snowboarders to create – while never abandoning style.