THIRTYTWO Celebrates 15 Years of Boot Camp

Jan. 20, 2017 (Copper Mountain, CO) –The top retailers have been attending ThirtyTwo® Boot Camp since it started in 2003 at Brighton Resort, Utah. ThirtyTwo®'s Boot Camp was truly unique when it was launched fifteen years ago, it gave retailers a chance to ride next year's product before they order it, and give feedback directly to the designers.  In addition to the product testing, the snowboarding experiences and shenanigans made ThirtyTwo® Boot Camp truly unforgettable!

Riding more than 32 inches of fresh powder, staying in a mansion on the mountain, jumping over the hot tub and seeing and riding-in ThirtyTwo®'s winter 2017/2018 boots and outerwear were the highlights of what went down at Boot Camp 15 this week at Woodward Copper in Colorado.

Damage Boardshop's Paul Lavold found time for a tailpress in-between power slashes. The ThirtyTwo® TF at Woodward Copper was popping off during ThirtyTwo Boot Camp 15.

Held in the following locations, ThirtyTwo® Boot Camp had more than 1,500 retailer and media visits:
•    ThirtyTwo® Boot Camp 1 in 2003 – Brighton, UT
•    ThirtyTwo® Boot Camp 2 in 2004 – Alpine Meadows, CA
•    ThirtyTwo® Boot Camp 3 in 2005 – Canyons, Utah
•    ThirtyTwo® Boot Camp 4 in 2006 – Northstar, CA
•    ThirtyTwo® Boot Camp 5 in 2007 – Brighton, UT
•    ThirtyTwo® Boot Camp 6 in 2008 – Canyons, UT
•    ThirtyTwo® Boot Camp 7 in 2009 – Tamarack Resort, ID
•    ThirtyTwo® Boot Camp 8 in 2010 – Big Sky Resort, MT
•    ThirtyTwo® Boot Camp 9 in 2011 – Mammoth Mountain, CA
•    ThirtyTwo® Boot Camp 10 in 2012 – Brighton, Utah
•    ThirtyTwo® Boot Camp 11 in 2013 – Mt. Hood Meadows, OR
•    ThirtyTwo® Boot Camp 12 in 2014 – Austria
•    ThirtyTwo® Boot Camp 13 in 2015 – Brighton, UT
•    ThirtyTwo® Boot Camp 14 in 2016 – Telluride, CO
•    ThirtyTwo® Boot Camp 15 in 2017 – Woodward Copper, CO

Check out ThirtyTwo®'s Instagram @ThirtyTwo to see just what went down at ThirtyTwo® Boot Camp 15!