The rumors are true – ThirtyTwo and StepChild are combining forces for this up- and-coming season to bring you a team movie project. Last year StepChild did a 25-minute free video titled "Downloaded" which received 65,000 views in the last thirty days. Based on this distribution template and its success, both brands agree that their new movie will be a free download.

"By bringing in ThirtyTwo as a partner it will help us step up the quality of production as well as the level of riding compared to last year's free "Downloaded" movie. We are stoked to be working with ThirtyTwo on this," adds Sean Johnson, founder of StepChild.

"We will be providing this free movie for everyone to enjoy. We aren't in the business of selling DVDs – we are in the business of selling quality snowboard products," said Brian Cook, ThirtyTwo brand marketing and product manager. "Both brands believe in progressing snowboarding and having fun doing it!"

The ThirtyTwo and StepChild Teams are excited to be working on the project. This is what they had to say regarding the up and coming season.

"I'm super stoked to ride with JP this year. I've watched his video parts growing up and now I get to ride with him and see it in real life. Props to ThirtyTwo and StepChild!"
– Simon Chamberlain

"Filming Child Support was super fun. I'm stoked to get the band back together on the riders' side and production side. The ThirtyTwo StepChild Movie is gonna be loose!"
– Joe Sexton

"This should be an amazing project to be a part of! I really like filming for team video projects and this collaboration is no exception. Joe and Simon have become good friends' of mine and I can’t wait to dive into some rail trips with them."
– JP Walker

Judging by the roster of riders and the experience of the filmers this flick is a must see for next fall! It is gonna be sick Son, Uhhhhhhhhhhh! Stay tuned to and for more details on picking the video's name, team rider's parts and their travels. (here)