These Days/August/DWP Premiere PORTLAND!

Exit Real World in Portland is celebrating their 15th Anniversary. How? By showing a bunch of amazing movies. This Friday, October 17, they’ll be throwing a major shindig at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland. Movies kick off at 8PM, so get there early. Mass amounts of free prizes, and see 3 of the most unique films of the year:

August, Airblaster’s new film was filmed entirely in 2 weeks, and edited in the next 2 weeks. This experi-Mental flick takes you out fun boarding with Nick Dirks, Jed Anderson, Jonas Michilot, and TJ Schneider, among others.

Transworld’s These Days is next up, featuring the best rookies in snowboarding today: Jonas Carlson, Nick Dirks, Louif Paradis, Tim Eddy, and more. This is a great movie showcasing some of the absolute best skill in snowboarding from some hungry young men.

And finally, a film which probably needs no introduction, Mack Dawg’s Down With People, starring Austin Smith, Zac Marben, Brian Fox, and more. After watching this one, I would sat that MDP’s junior-varsity squad just might be able to teach the varsity squad a few moves. You’ll have to see for yourself.