The U.S. Cellular Rail Jam, Bend, OR

The U.S. Cellular Rail Jam is now the biggest city snow riding feature
in the Pacific Northwest.

The U.S. Cellular Rail Jam taking place on February 13th and 14th 2009 as a part of the LibertyBank Bend WinterFest will contain more features than ever before and has now earned the reputation as the "Biggest City Snow Riding Feature in the Pacific Northwest".

The growth of the event is attributed to a joint effort in construction between Pete Alport of Alport Innovations and the Mt. Bachelor Terrain Park team lead by Hames Ellerbe.  This year the ski and snowboard rail jam will have a variety of features such as a 17foot bomb drop leading into a hip jump, a channel gap jump, and a brand new, hand built, custom three rail staircase feature allowing each competitor to display their overall park skills. With a nod to the festival's new location, these three features will lead into custom smoke-stack-like quarter-pipes in honor of the historic Old Mill District's signature smoke stacks. The variety of features ensures audiences will see something they've never seen before.

"Features like these," says rail jam coordinator Pete Alport, "generate more speed allowing for larger airs and more technical tricks. All of this adds up to lots of eye catching obstacles for spectators to enjoy."

"Last year, Bend WinterFest set the standard for city based rail jams in the northwest," Alport said. Given this up-and-coming reputation snowboarders and skiers – pros and aspiring amateurs, alike – will be headed to Central Oregon from all over the country for Bend's challenging rail competition. Years of snow-play and serious training among these athletes will culminate in a spectacular show of gravity defying, air born tricks, thrilling WinterFest audiences and judges.

Snowboarders will compete in rounds to determine the top 5 boarders who will proceed to the final competition and coveted position as the #1 rider. The prizes: first place skier and snowboarder recieve $1500; second place skier and snowboarder receive $500 and, third to fifth place competitors receive product prizes.

LibertyBank Bend WinterFest is a winter celebration taking place in Bend Oregon on February 13, 14 and 15.  The festival contains more than 16 separate events spanning 3 days.

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