webflatlogoThe creative challenge of photo, video and skill returns with four new teams and a new twist on the old rules.

(5/26/2011): The TransWorld Team Shoot Out is back—and the third year is a banger. Four new board teams have stepped up to the creative challenge, and this year the rope lines have been dropped. Specifically, teams were invited to hold their weeklong shoots wherever they wanted: the park, the backcountry, even in the streets.

The Yes team chose the vast Whistler backcountry as their playground, while the Technine team took it to the streets of Montreal, Capita stayed true to its roots shooting in the wooded shadows of Stevens Pass, and Ride Snowboards piled up new features at Summit-at-Snoqualmie. This exclusive photo and video contest based on creativity and teamwork is unlike any other event in snowboarding, and with a whole new set of teams and newly-open boundaries, you can expect 2011 to blow doors.

The third annual 2011 TransWorld Team Shoot Out is set to hit newsstands in the September Issue, out August 2 with videos dropping on TWSnow.com starting mid-July.

2011 Team Shoot Out Rider List


Alex Cantin

Austin Hironaka

Darrell Mathes

Sebastien Toutant

Photographer: Frode Sandbech


JP Solberg

Romain De Marchi

Benji Ritchie,

Helen Schettini

Mikee Pederson

Photographer: Ashley Barker


Dan Brisse

Phil Jacques

Laura Hadar

Scott Stevens

Cale Zima

Photographer: Bob Plumb


Dylan Thompson

Jonah Owen

Andrew Brewer

Derek Dennison

Photographer: Andy Wright

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