After the world premier of The Shred Remains in our hometown of Waterbury, VT, and a couple more stops in Canada added to the tour, we’re taking this show on the road. The first official stop of the tour is right in Rome’s backyard: Burlington, VT. Trustafarians beware, this ain’t no Phish show. So come prepared to have a good time, win some free gear, hang with the Rome riders Johnny Lazz and Riley Nickerson, and potentially get kicked off campus.

From there we’ll be heading up ‘cross the border to meet up with MFR, LNP, and Will Lavigne. The looming question is; will they let us into the country, or will we have to walk home? Either way, we’ve got three showings in Montreal, so you’ve got no excuse to come hang out.

From Montreal, we’ll point it to Plymouth, NH, home of this year’s Ima Betta Jibba contest winners and good ol’ Plymouth State University. We’re stoked to make it back there again to share some of the good times we had this past winter.

Be sure to check the new and updated schedule for the premier date nearest to you. Keep an eye out, as the most famous van in snowboarding could be driving around your town, and there may be a few limited T’s to toss out if you can spot it.

Stay tuned to for updates from the road. We’ll be posting live photos and happenings from the premiers as well at and on Instagram as username RomeSnowboards. Any questions? Email them over to