Nike 6.0’s current collaboration with Grammy winning music producer, rapper and key member of the Wu-Tang Clan, The RZA continues with welcoming Mason Aguirre to the 6.0 party.

Mason’s addition to Nike 6.0 outerwear makes him the newest head-to-toe rider on the team. The RZA freestyles and the result is another fantastic piece – a perfect balance of music to Mason’s half-pipe riding.
Mason says, “When I heard RZA was doing my intro to the Nike 6 team I was PUMPED!!! I’m really into what Nike is doing for snowboarding right now and was stoked on the opportunity to move forward with them head to toe for 6.0. Being a longtime fan of hip-hop and growing up with Nike everywhere as a kid, it all came together really well and I’m super stoked!!”