It’s been a decade since we launched the Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate-an idea to bring together a collection of everyday riders to create innovative product in search of face shots, fun, progression and style.

Over ten years, the collective experiences of these people have made the SDS what it is.  Repeated van tours across North America.  A bunch of first chairs.  Springtime park laps.  Self-induced white rooms.  Filthy, over-crowded motel rooms.  Filming and creating shred videos.  Jib events in shop parking lots.  New ideas in product design.  Boned-out methods.  Premiering Any Means in Tijuana.  Late-night rail missions.  Camping at meetings with sales reps.  Hiking for turns before and after the season.  Wheat-pasting posters and other illicit propaganda.  Debating board graphics endlessly.  Nailing the Live Nude Girls graphic first try.  Premature Jibulations to kick off the season.  Laughing with Capt. Al while writing X, The Magazine.  Watching riders like LNP and Stale go from young sponsored locals to pro riders.  The untold stories of the Tahoe Flophouse.  Engineering fun on things like the Agent, Artifact and 390.

To celebrate our 10-year anniversary, the Rome SDS is proud to announce the release of the Limited Edition Decade Collection.  A huge thanks goes out to all the riders who have enjoyed the past ten years of pow slashes, park runs, and good-time shredding with us.

Since the Agent, Artifact and 390 have been the fun-inducing backbone of our line for the last decade, the 2011 Decade Collection celebrates this with two lengths of the Agent Rocker, two lengths of the Artifact Rocker and a unique 390 Boss, alongside a Drifter jacket and some tees and caps that reference past antics.  Both boards pay homage to the decade of graphic design, with art that brings in the history of each model.  The Limited Drifter Jacket and 390 Boss Binding come complete with the OG Rome street poster that found its way on to walls, lift towers and bathroom stalls in that first year when an advertising budget didn’t really exist.

The Decade Collection will be available at your local shop in the fall of 2011.

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