The Rome SDS Presents Premature Jibulation.

With the 04-05 season just getting going, the Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate presents Premature Jibulation-a collection of jib-shred events at resorts around North America in the later part of November (and early December) to kick off the new year.

There is stuff to win of course-boards, gloves, bags, etc-but the focus of Premature Jibulation is more on having fun riding with a bunch of people in the earliest part of the season. It is jib event that is open to any rider who wants to ride-regardless of what kind of tricks they can claim.

Each event will be a jam format on two or three side-by-side jib lines with features like fun boxes to butter and play on, and rails for getting a little more tech. Winners will be decided on overall impression, so a couple falls won’t matter all that much if you are killing it the rest of the time. And style matters a lot more than whirly-bird huck spins.

If you are itching to win some schwag, Premature Jibulation prizes include a new 2005 Rome deck of your choice, Rome gloves, Rome bags, Rome Ts and assorted Rome accessories (like The Boss sunglasses). And for those riders looking for a little fame, digital photos and video footage from the different Premature Jibulation events will be published on the Rome SDS website:

The following is the list of Premature Jibulation events

Boreal, CA – Saturday, November 13th.

Waterville Valley, NH – Saturday, November 13th.

Buck Hill, MN – Saturday, November 13th.

Brighton, MI – Saturday, November 20th.

Stoneham, QC – Saturday, November 20th.

Mt. Saint Louis, ON – Saturday, November 27th.

Mt. Seymour, BC – Saturday, December, 4th.

Click the link to download the Premature Jibulation poster:

Come out, have some fun to kick off the season, and maybe win some free stuff.

Loud, Fast, Rome SDS