Harmony is a beautiful thing. When two individual elements are combined to create a more powerful single unit, you get harmonic collaboration. Peanut butter and jelly, gin and tonic, Mick and Keith are just some examples of this phenomenon where things just fit.  With this year’s Mod Rocker and Mod series, another one can now be thrown in the mix: Artist D*Face and the Rome SDS.

In the early stages of our conversation with D*Face to do board graphics, which started in the first days of 2010, it was clear that a perfect fit was coming together. As a long time skateboarder and street artist, D*Face is no stranger to the same DIY ethos that helped create the Rome SDS ten years ago, and continues to fuel it to this day. There is a certain unspoken bond between individuals who have spent years dodging the authorities, rolling around cities on pieces of wood, and getting your ideas out to the masses under the cover of darkness. Whether it’s a lift tower or city wall, a closed trail or a handrail, the idea is the same.

Over the summer of 2010, D*Face created two distinct bodies of work for Rome, and they found themselves onto the Mod and Mod Rocker series. With art as bold and powerful as this is, the only logical location for it in the line was on these two bold, poppy series.

The Mod series features D*Face’s more know style of work. Featuring his Exquisite Corpse style consisting of chopped up comic and pop references in bright colors and finished off with his signature caution tape, the Mod is a bold piece of art suitable for a wall ride or the living room wall. Printing of these tops went above and beyond as well, using several layers and techniques, including 3D textured ink and foil stamps, and finishing off the sidewalls with a bold, board length caution tape print.

For the rocker version of the Mod, D*Face worked in a raw, collage and stencil style, reminiscent of his more current work. Over several weeks, he created six unique, full size collages in his studio, constantly building up and breaking down images, textures and colors until just the right balance and vibe was created. In a nod to his skateboarding background, the logo and size callout on the board is finished off with a piece of screen-printed grip tape.

Both models are available now at your local Rome SDS dealer, but we’ve got something extra for fans of the Mod and D*Face’s work.  If you’re lucky, you won’t have to decide whether to mount your board to the wall or ride it, because we’re giving away two top sheets (one MOD and one MOD ROCKER) signed by the artist himself. All you have to do is send in the base sticker and a copy of your receipt from your Mod or Mod Rocker purchase by December 31st, 2011, and we’ll choose two people at random in the first week of 2012 to win the one of a kind pieces of art.

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