The Reunion Kick Off in Boulder This Saturday

Come home for The Reunion, Boulder’s 17th annual official kick off of the snowboard season!

It’s on for all ages at the Boulder Theater Saturday September 27th.  While there are a lot of choices these days of snowboard events to hit, come to the one that truly gives back! This year we’ve got the best movie line up, the top pro riders, and enough give-aways to make this the biggest party we’ve ever thrown. The Reunion is not another tour stop on a money making tour.  It’s the opportunity of Boulder’s best shop Satellite and hometown brands Technine and Sound to give back to the people who keep snowboarding alive: YOU!  And two of you will be lucky enough to be crowned King and Queen, where you’ll win everything you need for the season:  Snowboard, Bindings, Boots, 1st layer, hoodies, outerwear, gloves, goggles, hat, and even a season pass!

Hundreds (we’re not kidding) of other give-aways guarantees your shot at free snowboards, outerwear, passes, and all the gear you could ever want.  You can also come rub elbows and throw one back with the biggest names in snowboarding, and they’re all here for you:  Marc Frank Montoya, Derek Dennison, Tommi Ylianttila, Dave Munoa, and the Technine Team, plus Devun Walsh, Tim Eddy, Lauri Heiskari, Aaron Bittner, Ikka Backstrom, and many more.  When the movies are done, the after parties get started for those 21+, so clear your Saturday night! (and Sunday morning too, you’re gonna need it)

And make sure not to miss The Reunion Sale where Satellite, Brand Reps, and pro riders sell you all of next year’s gear at the most unbelievable prices.  The sale runs On The Hill in Boulder Sept. 26th-28th between The Sink and Mamacita’s.  This isn’t a tent sale full of the gear nobody wanted last year, but the latest and greatest from real snowboard brands.  You can’t miss this one!

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