The Quiksilver Story

Huntington Beach, CA--Quiksilver today announcedthat the much anticipated 320-page, full color book “The Mountain & theWave, The Quiksilver Story” will be available in Quiksilver Stores andselect retailers starting next week. The book, priced at $49.95 andarriving just in time for the holiday season, is the complete,inside-out story, told for the first time, of the company that hasdefined an industry and a culture…a company that owes its veryexistence to the two greatest natural playgrounds on Earth…themountain and the wave.

Back in the late 1960s, a young Australian surfer started fooling aroundwith a design for the perfect, functional surf trunk. The trunks (orboardshorts, as they were called in Australia) he made were not perfect,but they were the best yet, and they quickly captured the attention ofmany of the world’s best surfers. In 1976, two young American surfersbrought the brand to the U.S., at first selling imported pairs from theback of a truck as they traveled from beach to beach from surf shop tosurf shop. Within a decade the company was growing so fast its shareswere offered to the public. Within another decade, it was the biggestand most successful board sports company in the world.

The story of Quiksilver is the story of an industry born out of apassion for living free and easy, for enjoying nature’s own playgroundsand for creating success on your own terms. It is a story certain toinspire all who ever wanted to follow a dream rather than a routine, andit is a story told here by the people who have lived it, the people whostill build their working lives around the surf and the snow.

In addition to collecting the opinions and reminiscences of theQuiksilver pioneers and current managers, surf writer and industryveteran Phil Jarratt has assembled a team of the very best writers,photographers and artists from across the broad spectrum of theboardriding culture to make “The Mountain and The Wave” the mostcomplete depiction of the surf, snow and skate industry ever presented.

“More than two years work and a tremendous number of interviews havegone into this book, and I think the end result is the story of theevolution of a surf company, told in depth like never before” saidJarratt. “I think it’s a book that everyone who loves the brand, and infact everyone involved in the surf industry, will want to read.”

In addition to the handsome trade edition of the book, Quiksilver isalso launching a Founders Edition of 500 specially bound books,presented in a clamshell case. Each book has been signed by the foundersof Quiksilver and brand icon Kelly Slater.

Bob Mcknight, CEO of Quiksilver, Inc., will be hosting an exclusive booklaunch party on November 2 to officially introduce “The Mountain and theWave, The Quiksilver Story” and celebrate 30 years of Quiksilver in theU.S. McKnight, who was one of the two young surfers that brought thebrand to the U.S. in 1976, will be joined by Quiksilver PresidentBernard Mariette, top Quiksilver athletes including Tom Carroll, TonyHawk, Todd Richards and Lisa Andersen as well as other colorfulcharacters from the Quiksilver story for an evening of food and drinks,a musical performance by Ry Cumming and special presentations thathighlight the features of the book. Additional launch events will beheld in Australia and Europe throughout November and December.

“After more than 30 years at the helm of Quiksilver, Inc. I felt it wastime we preserved the story of our brand for future generations, whilethe founders are still very much involved” said McKnight “It’s anexciting story because it’s not just about Quiksilver, it’s the story ofthe entire industry that our brand has been a part of for almost fourdecades.”

About The EditorPhil Jarratt is an author, editor, publisher and journalist who hasfollowed the fortunes of Quiksilver since its earliest days inAustralia. After a long career in surf publishing, he worked as amarketing executive for Quiksilver Europe for five yearss, before movingto California to work with CEO Bob McKnight and the Quiksilver globalmanagement team on the production of this book. Married with three grownchildren and two grandchildren, he calls Noosa Heads, Australia home.

About Quiksilver (Excerpted From the Book)

My manager called me and said, “You’re going to ride for Quiksilver…”I was speechless…I was with the company every surfer wanted to ridefor.Kelly SlaterEight-time world champion surfer

Quiksilver was the first surf company to get past $100 million in salesand keep its cool…That had never been seen before.Steve PezmanPublisher, The Surfer’s Journal

There are brands and there are cultures, and Quiksilver is a culture.And now the company is on a platform they’ll never look back from.Dick BakerPresident, Surf Industry Manufacturers Association