Where in the world is Devun Walsh (Forum, Special Blend)? Northern BC, Canada that’s where! Devun and the White Out crew are playing the finicky game of “find the snow. His hunt has dragged him all over the world, practically. While in Japan on a snowed out film trip, he made a detour in Korea to shoot a story with the Snowboarder gang. It should be in the first or second issue next season. He has been traveling since early December and he and his crew have been everywhere from Russia to the east coast gathering the best footage for the upcoming video.

JP Walker (Forum, Special Blend) has done his fair share of travel too. Finland rail trip in Feb took him out for a couple weeks, after an 8ft drop to ass on the end of some deadly kinked rail Joni and Lauri showed him. “I had to wait it out in Finland cause the 10hr plane ride wasn’t happening JP also accompanied most of the team to Japan for the Nippon Open. One cased jump equal’s one hyper extended elbow. No worries though, he’s back on familiar ground and shredding in Utah and is heading up north with Kearns and Mathis to film for his upcoming project due out in fall of 2006. JP has tons of ideas for this project, and this one is guaranteed to be worth the wait.

Bjorn Leines (Forum) has been putting in over time to finish his part for the Volcom movie which is due out in September. Some of Bjorn’s more serious overtime has included doing a Backside 900 over the infamous Chad’s Gap in Utah. Most probably saw his feature in the most recent Transworld

Travis Kennedy (Forum, Special Blend) has the broken body blues right now. “My shoulder took a lot longer to heal then expected, plus I tweaked my knee so that’s slowed me down a little. I’m comin back strong in March though! Travis also has been recording hip hop on his own private label. Its called TK G4. Travis is now back on snow and filming with Defective Films in the Tahoe backcountry.

Joni Malmi (Forum, Special Blend) has his own flair for mixing too. The Nippon Open wouldn’t have had nightlife if it weren’t for the bumping house music Joni blared every night in the lobby. “The place would be so quiet all day, then around 9 or so grandmaster Joni would roll in beats a blazin added Eddie Wall.Joni has spent the majority of his time in Finland this winter on some serious rail missions. He just arrived stateside Monday and is currently headed to Colorado to film for the Oakley project, and then to Tahoe for the Youngblood finals. After that, he is driving the Joni-mobile to BC to pick up a new sled and then heading all the way to Alaska for April to film some backcountry mayhem.

Lauri Heiskari (Forum, Special Blend) is on the race for the most rails stomped in one film season. At last count the kid was at 20 worthy video part rail shots. And by the way, they all have to be over a 20 set. Lauri is also on his way to the States to get some much-needed soft landings under him and drive his “SO CAL IT HURTS truck wherever the snow is flying to round out his part in Defective Film’s “Derelictica.

Peter Line (Forum, Foursquare) has taken on many goals this year. One of them is his graphics for next year. “I’ve been struggling to come up with a piece as symbolic as the dick nosed pony stated Peter. Peter is coming out to hang with the Youngblood Finalists in Tahoe and then will be traveling to France in April for an Electric tour with Pat Moore.

Pat Moore (Forum, Foursquare) is slaying rails, back yard booters and an indescribable image. $20 to the next person who can tell me what Pat will wear tomorrow. $40 socks to snowboard in? Boat shoes with no socks? I think “Pat is the new Black He’s mostly been seen in Wyoming filming for The Community Project, but also has a grip of east coast rail days with other crews as well. He’s currently at the US Open. He ain’t scared- he’s tackling all three events this year pipe, slope and rail jam.

Cheryl Maas (Forrum) is all international this year. She’s been to the States just a few times for contests, but has spent most of her time in Europe filming with the “Drop Stitch crew. She hit up Japan to film and then headed back to Europe and is currently at The Battle in Sweden. She is then headed to the Arctic Challenge in early April.

Jake Blauvelt (Forum, Foursquare) has been inaugurated into Defective Films rookie program and is showing some serious potential. Now that he resides in North Lake Tahoe, he’s taken full advantage of the major dumps California received earlier this year. He has been killing it out there, and shows no signs of slowing down. On top of that Jake has made some appearances at the X-Games finishing 6th in Slopestyle as well as the Nippon Open where he made the finals (which were later cancelled sue to weather) and also was recently invited to the Artic Challenge at the end of the month. Jake is currently at the US Open where he will do the Slopestyle, Rail Jam, and Halfpipe.

Louie Vito (Forum) is attacking the contest circuit and making a scene with the judges. Louie has been consistently showing his skills all season long. 8th at Jersey Grand Prix 4th at the Paul Mitchell Expression Session at Mt Creek, NJ are just a couple of his stand outs this year. Louie will be at the Forum Youngblood finals out at Sierra atTahoe and is currently at the US Open at his home mountain of Stratton, VT.

Lucas Magoon (Forum) is working on a home school education so he can move out to Mammoth and start a new life on the West coast. Lucas will also be starring in the Youngblood finals on March 26th in Sierra atTahoe. Just in case you forgot.

Jed Anderson (Forum, Special Blend) has been working on his filming skills back home (Calgary) His big brother has followed him around this winter to all the local rails in town. Jed has hit the road as well this year, doing the Grand Prix as well as the US Open. Devun is stoked on this kid, keep an eye out for some shots in the new Whiteout films release.

Eddie Wall (Jeenyus, Foursquare) is a machine this year. We will start with contests. Repeat win at the Vegas “Hard Rock Rail Jam, 1st at the X-Games invitational wall ride. Invited to the US Open rail jam. Qualified into semis for the US Open Slope Style. Ok, that’s enough, lets talk about his travel schedule for filming. 2 Finland rail trips. Tahoe, Japan, Utah and is going to be in Alaska for most of April. During all of that, he has some how found time to buy a house in So Cal. Oh yeah, and his pro model is out in July. Eddie also filmed a sick piece for the DC video where he rides, skeet shoots at the same time. Eddie got more shots in 3 days at the Mountain Lab than anyone else on DC, and that includes the guys that live there. Damn.

Iikka Backstrom (Jeenyus) is working with Devun and the Whiteout Films crew up in Canada this year. He spent the first half over in Finland where he slayed many a rail. Then he made the big journey to Canada where the crew was shut down by lack of snow. Another 10 days in Japan and then a long trip to the Northern reaches of BC with Devun. Iikka is having a stellar season, even if he has to work his ass of to get it.

Jake Welch (Jeenyus, Foursquare) has mainly has stuck around home base in Utah and filmed for the DC video at the Mountain Lab. Jake is taking a few weeks off with a broken collar bone, but should be back on snow in early April.

More soon, there is still a lot of season to come…..

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