The Oakley Style Masters–China’s First Ever Professional Snowboard Event

World Record Attempt in ChinaBeijing, China—Only one week before the Olympics starts in Turin, Italy, Terje Haakonsen brings the world’s best quarter pipe snowboarders to China for The Oakley Style Masters. In 2001 Heikki Sorsa flew astonishingly 9.3 meters above the quarter pipe coping at The Arctic Challenge in Holmenkollen, Norway. It still stands as one of the most legendary moments in the history of snowboarding. Now it is time to try to beat that record on Chinese soil. The Oakley Style Masters, by The Arctic Challenge, will be the first professional snowboard event in China.

“No one can guarantee a world record, but we have found the perfect spot for a quarter pipe at the Badaling Resort. The in-run is 28 degrees steep and you can catch the speed you want. The resort has provided us with everything we need to create a perfect infrastructure, so now it’s up to us and the weather, says Terje Haakonsen, Norway’s snowboard legend and owner of The Arctic Challenge.

The interest for winter sports is exploding in China, and market observers are expecting similar trend developments as those seen in South Korea and Japan. In South Korea the interest for snowboarding has sky rocketed with over 70% snowboarders at the most popular resorts. There are over 15 million snowboarders in the world, with 7 million participants in USA alone. “We are here to support the development of snowboarding in China. For the first time, Chinese youth and dedicated snowboarders can see snowboard legends perform world class action on Chinese soil. We believe this will be a fantastic inspiration for the snowboard community in China, said Pat McIlvain, director of sports marketing at Oakley.

In addition to financing the event, Oakley is bringing the Gold Time Bomb for the first rider to exceed 10 meters. The Gold Time Bomb is a $30,000 gold watch, and has been up for grabs at The Arctic Challenge since 2001.

Ppreparation for the unparallel quarter pipe is already in the works at Badaling. The resort is doing in-ground work on 1,200 square meters creating a platform for the 10 meter high, 20 meter wide quarterpipe.

The Arctic Challenge in Norway is famous for building the best quarter pipes in the world. “With this snow wall we are adding an extension to the legend of how you can see the Great Wall from the moon, said Henning Andersen, CEO of The Arctic Challenge. In fact, the Great Wall is almost fencing the mountains of Badaling; making it the perfect surroundings for the event.

The Oakley Style Masters, by The Arctic Challenge, will take place between the 2nd and the 5th of February, 2006. It’s a close partnership between Oakley, The Arctic Challenge, Badaling Ski Resort and Nordic Ways Intl. Nordic Ways Intl is a sports marketing and event production company in Beijing that focuses on sports with strong tradition in the Nordic countries. It is owned by Norwegian, Swedish and Chinese investors.

We are proud to produce the first major international snowboard event in China. A generation of young Chinese is waiting for trendy and fun activities like snowboard, and we will be center stage when it happens, said Per à˜degaard, CEO of Nordic Ways.