The Liberty Mountain Snowflex Center Opening Soon

The Liberty Mountain Snowflex Center’s GRAND OPENING is just around the corner – August 29th! 
     This year the snowflex site will open up with three runs, two surface lifts, three kicker options, a cornice, a large 11 ft high quarter pipe, a kinked box, and a flat box. The resort will be open to the public and will push riders to rapidly excel at whatever level they are at with a separate low grade soft surface nursery slope with its own private lift; to a gently curving run for those who are beginning to develop their turns; and finally the large terrain park features with the largest landing ramp snowflex has ever built. 

     FREESTYLE PROGRESSION: The aspect that I am most excited (and newschool/younger generation of riders ) about is clearly the way that this resort is going to be able to influence freestyle progression. The most obvious aspect that comes to most enthusiasts' minds is that riders will be able to train all year around and even into the night. But, after riding this surface and getting comfortable riders will soon realize this is one of the safest and fastest ways to progress on their freestyle maneuvers because of the consistency of the surface. Jumps will always have the right angle and pop, speed on the in-run will always be right, and landings will never get rutted out. Once a rider becomes comfortable with the feature they will always know what to expect and progression will only follow. 
     Earlier this month a few of the crew from Briton Engineering ( snowflex manufacturer) tested the kickers, and after just a few warm up hits they were already going for inverted tricks on the large kicker.  Liberty is also allowing a freestyle ski and snowboard club through the USCSA! – more info will be coming from that later

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