Get ready to revolutionize how you listen to music! The FUSE on-ear
headphone is the newest edition to the AERIAL7 Sound Disk System. Easily
snap the Sound Disks into the FUSE retro-style headphone frame for a high
performance listening experience.

Finally, a headphone system versatile enough to support both active and
fashionable lifestyles. The retro-inspired design and lightweight feel make
the FUSE ideal for people who are always on the go. The frame features ultra
light and flexible polycarbonate and stainless steel providing an ultra
comfortable fit. No worries if things get a bit dirty because the silicon
ear pads are washable leaving you with a fresh pair of headphones.

The FUSE has once again showcased AERIAL7¹s focus on merging headphones and
fashion with the highest level of quality. This system allows you to take
the Sound Disk, an ultra-slim headphone with an inline microphone, and
easily transfer it into a variety of headwear and headphone options.

Revolutionizing your listening experience is as easy as 1-2-3:
1. Snap Disc into Frame
2. Plug in your Music Device
3. Enjoy your music wherever life takes you!