The Floating Hospital for Children

While Scotty Lago jetted off to Mt. Hood for the Burton Abominable Snow Jam, his girlfriend, Cait Downey, was at home back in Seabrook, NH, calling and emailing some of Scotty’s team managers and local businesses to have them chip in and help brighten the day of some very special children. A special thanks goes out to Flow, Billabong, Smith, Rye Airfield, Putnam’s Ski & Snowboards and The Flatbread Co. These guys sent out a bunch of goodies, and Cait divided them up into gift bags for their new friends. On Thursday, July 27th Scotty & Cait hooked up with their friend Madison Lewis, to go visit the Floating Hospital for Children, in Boston Massachusetts.

At the age of four years old Madison Lewis was diagnosed with Neuro-Blastoma, a rare form of cancer. For two years of her young life she lived in the Floating Hospital for Children. While many of us are enjoying powder or a freshly groomed park there are children that don’t even have the option to go outside all over this country, confined to their beds or a playroom in a hospital. Children’s cancer is a tough thing to think about especially when you’re involved with a sport like snowboarding, a sport that celebrates youth. We celebrate the smile on young Madison’s face because it gives us faith that with the right funding, support, and awareness that survival is possible.

Children’s cancer is not as rare as one would think, as experts say that it affects approximately at least four children in every elementary school in the country. For those children that are affected there is a very low survival rate. In fact, most children that are cured often relapse and from that point on it is approximately a 10% survival rate. This is in part to lack of funding and research, The American Cancer Society only gives 4% of the money it raises every year to help with children’s Cancer. However, we can be happy with the fact that Madison has been in remission for approximately six years now, and at just ten years old, Madison told us that she plans to dedicate her life to helping the hospital and her friends.

Every year in May, Madison sets up shop at her home, in Amesbury, Massachusetts in order to sell lemonade to raise money for the cause. In one day Madison was able to raise six-thousand dollars, all of which she donated to all her friends in Boston.

Friday’s trip was not to find a cure, but just to brighten the day of a few sick children. Madison was Scotty and Caits tour guide around the floating hospital. They met with the kids, played dinosaurs, pinball, and just hung out to talk. They visited the playroom first, and then visited the clinic. The kids were excited to have the chance to meet and hang out with the X Games medalist and his girlfriend. The couple was eager to learn about the hospital, and then get to the fun stuff, giving presents to all the kids. One little boy that they met up with was four year old Jack Lynch (who’s father had just happened to be Barret Christy’s former agent). Jack, like Madison, has been battling with Neuro Blastoma since he was two years old, while it appeared that Jack had been cured the disease unfortunately had resurfaced in the form of a tumor in his brain. The tumor has since been removed and let me tell you that this little guy had a lot of energy. With a little help from some of us Jack just might be the next Scotty Lago, with his strong personality, and seeming less endless energy, one can only hope.

All in all it was truly an eye opening experience for all of us. Scotty and Cait would like to thank the hospital an all the children for having them. They would also like to thank Madison and her mother, Cathy Lewis for showing them around. While this was the first trip in for the couple they both agree that this will not be the last. In fact Cait—in conjunction with Cathy Lewis—is already buzzing about an auction of items from sporting goods to collectibles, all proceeds benefiting The Floating Hospital For Children.For Informmation on The Floating Hospital For Children, and to learn how you can help, log onto: