The East Coast Invitational Jam Launches Dec. 18th.

Hosted by Wachusett Mountain, Salomon Snowboards is launching The East Coast Invitational Jam, Dec. 18. The rail event will draw approximately 30 competitors vying for a $12,500 purse and one open slot at the prestigious Honda Sessions event in Vail, CO.

“We are thrilled to team up with Salomon to kick off this event,” said Wachusett General Manager David Crowley. “New England is the home to some of the best snowboarders in the country and we want to provide them with a fun way to kick off their season.”

The Wachusett event will be held on the Lower Look Mom trail with the finals scheduled for approximately 7 p.m. The East Coast Invitational Jam is an all day snowboard event complete with demos, music, DJ and mountainside party.For further details visit:

The East Coast Invitational Rail Jam is the first event of the Salomon Snowboards United Series, and the only New England qualifier for the Honda Sessions. The United Series consists of two snowboard events that fall into a tier between amateur and professional level contests. The competition level allows striving snowboarders the opportunity to compete against established professional riders. The winner of each event is granted a much coveted spot in the prestigious Honda Sessions event at Vail- helping riders to bridge the gap between amateur and professional competition. Details for the West Coast United Series event to be announced. – Salomon Snowboards

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