Austin Smith Gives Us the Scoop on the 4th Annual Drink Water Rat Race at HCSC


The Rat Race has brought out heavy hitters the last couple of years. Nicolas Muller won last year, who will take it in 2015? PHOTO: Greg Furey

Oh snap, it's happening again. The 4th annual Drink Water Rat Race will take over Timberline at High Cascade Snowboard Camp on July 8th.

The highly anticipated summer banked slalom is all about fun and fundraising as 100% of the sponsor donations and entry fees go directly to the non-profit,

Over $20,000 was raised last year during the slushy, summer shred event that saw heavy riding from a slew of super pros including; Nicolas Muller, Temple Cummins, Pat Moore, Arthur Longo, Spencer O'Brien, and plenty of others.


Max Warbington about to drop as Curtis, Reynolds, and Bundy check his style. PHOTO: Cole Martin

HCSC diggers are busy crafting the course which will snake down Mount Hood and will include ripping turns, mega whoops, and a creative mix of hazards to keep riders on their toes to avoid carnage.


Zak Hale pointing it to the next flag. PHOTO: Cole Martin

No denying it, there's not much snow on Hood this summer, so it'll be interesting to see how they whip up this inventive course, but we have faith it will be rad.

We hit up Austin Smith, Drink Water’s co-founder, for the scoop on what to expect at this year’s event.

The 4th annual Drink Water Rat Race is going down on July 8th, what can we expect?

You can expect more of the same, a bunch of good people getting together in the summer to snowboard and BBQ while raising money for

Any course previews you can leak us on?

We are building a loop.

Highlights from last year?

The people that came out early to help build the course, the people that came and raced and the people that came to the BBQ.  It’s the people that make it, it’s everyone I would want to come to my birthday party but none of them would show up for that.  Last year the course was also the best yet with a ring of fire and everything.

What type of carnage are you expecting this year? 

I don't want anyone to get hurt. We try to build a course where you are on the edge of control and total disaster from start to finish, but ideally, no one gets hurt.

How many riders do you expect and how can people sign up?

There will be 120 invited riders, invites are being sent out this week.  Eventually we would like to open it to the public or have a lottery system, but we haven't gotten there yet.

Last year, the event raised over 20k for, that's awesome! How much are you hoping to raise this year?

It’s estimated that it would cost $30 billion to solve the global water crisis.  $30 billion sounds like a lot but considering humans spend $100 billion a year on bottled water consumption, maybe it’s not as much as it seems.  So I hope we raise $30 billion this year.    

Peep the edit above of last year's mayhem, and check the full recap here. Hot slush!


Blake Paul all about style over speed. PHOTO: Cole Martin

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