The Donz Dozen Winning Serial Numbers


Find out which serial numbers have won the Donz Dozen prize packs and the grand prize. We’ll also be contacting the winners of the 12 limited edition Nixon/Stepchild skate decks today!

December 1, 2009-Vancouver, Canada-Infamous is pleased to announce the winning serial numbers of the Donz Dozen contest. If your number matches one of the winning serial numbers below you have scored 1 of the prize packs filled with a dozen fresh goods from one of JP’s sponsors: Nixon, Thirtytwo, Etnies, Oakley or Dakine or the grand prize, an all-expenses paid trip plus a 5 Day Deluxe Package to “Send It With Stepchild” week to ride with JP Walker at Camp of Champions next summer. The grand prize is courtesy of Stepchild and Camp of Champions.

And The Winning Serial Numbers are:
151 900051970
151 900010810
154 900051791
151 900051791
154 900051970
154 900018641
154 900018642
157 920007152
154 900007714
154 920018653
154 900006958
154 900018635

How to Claim Your Prize:
If your serial number matches one of the posted serial numbers above:

1. Email your proof of purchase for JP’s Stepchild Pro Model (receipt, date of purchase, store or online dealer) <>

2. We’ll hit you back and let you know what you’ve won

***proof of purchase must be provided in order to win

You can also view this info on Stepchild’s site:

Also today we will be contacting the winners of the limited edition JP Walker Nixon/Stepchild skate decks.

About JP:
JP Walker is one of the most influential snowboarders of all time. He was at the forefront of snowboarding’s jib revolution in the late 90’s. Leaning on his skateboard background he created some of the most innovative and technical tricks ever done on rails and ledges. Since he dominates rails, people tend to forget that he is talented in the backcountry too, for example his double cork 900 in the MDP video Shakedown. JP has inspired everyone from young beginners to seasoned pros with over ten years of impressive video parts in snowboarding’s top productions and masses of coverage in magazines worldwide. His efforts have also been recognized with awards like Snowboarder magazine’s Top 10 Rider’s of the Year (five times in a row) and Snowboarder’s Top 20 Most Influential Riders from the last 20 Years. JP spent the 2008/2009 season filming for This Video Sucks, a collaborative film released this fall by two of his main sponsors Stepchild Snowboards and Thirtytwo. His part in the film is proof of his ability to continually push the progression of snowboarding.

About Infamous:
Infamous Management Inc. represents only the best athletes in the action sports industry. Our riders are professional, talented and highly marketable. IMI believes there is a balance between the rider and the company and that by working together they can profit equally from each other. At IMI we want to work with the companies as much as the riders to maximize marketing potential of both the athlete and the company. Roberta Rodger ‘s vast knowledge and experience in the action sports industry helps IMI’s athletes reach their full potential in the market. “I believe that, with us, an athlete can grow, have a successful and lucrative career, and still maintain our ethical guidelines which are: loyalty, respect, trust, integrity and of course true love and dedication to improving their sport and their talents. The Infamous crew is JP Walker, Seth Huot, Chris Haslam, Simon Chamberlain, Stevie Bell, Spencer O’Brien, Keala Kennelly, Leilani Gryde, Joe Sexton, Stian Solberg, Meghann O’Brien and Kyle Mack. For updates and profiles on our athletes check out both our website: <>