The Donz Dozen: ThirtyTwo Prize Pack


What’s better than a dozen doughnuts? 12 of Thirtytwo’s latest goods to add to your kit.

November 23, 2009–Vancouver, Canada—To help you keep your eye on the Donz Dozen prize Infamous is dropping one last prize pack sneak peek. A dozen of Thirtytwo’s freshest pieces of gear could be yours.


This final sneak peek prize pack is brought to you courtesy of THIRTYTWO:
JP Walker Shiloh jacket
JP Walker Shiloh pant
JP Walker Prospect boot
*Not only will you end up with JP’s full 32 kit but you’ll also score 9 other pieces bringing the total to a dozen.

For all of the Donz Dozen contest details and updates follow us on:

Winners of the prize packs and Donz Dozen grand prize will be announced Tuesday December 1, 2009.

About the Donz Dozen:
On November 2, 2009 Infamous announced that JP Walker’s sponsors: Nixon, Stepchild,Thirtytwo, Etnies, Oakley and Dakine along with Camp of Champions teamed up to bring you the Donz Dozen. The contest is to be held in honor of the release of Walker’s 12th pro model board that hit stores this season. Buy one of JP’s 2010 Stepchild snowboards, then go to for your chance to win one of the amazing prize packages or better yet the grand prize. Prize Pack : Win a prize pack with fresh gear from Nixon, Thirtytwo, Etnies, Oakley or Dakine. Grand Prize: An all-expenses paid trip to “Send It With Stepchild” week at Camp of Champions next summer courtesy of Stepchild and Camp of Champions. The winner will have the chance to destroy the COC park with JP and his pro model board at their side.

How to Win:
1. Proof of purchase for JP’s Stepchild Pro Model (receipt, date of purchase, store or online dealer)
2. Go to on December 1, 2009 to find the winning serial numbers
3. If your serial number matches one of the posted serial numbers on the site email: with your serial number and proof of purchase to find out what you’ve won. It could be a dope prize pack or it could be a snowboard camp experience of a lifetime.