The Burton Canadian Open Ends its Sunny Streak With Slopestyle Finals Today

The 4thAnnual 2012 Burton Canadian Open presented by MINI (CANO) finished on a very high note with Chas Guldemond (USA) and Jamie Anderson (USA) taking top podium spots in the slopestyle finals.  Blessed with beautiful bluebird skies all week, the event's finale was held at WinSport Canada's Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, Alberta.

Chas and Jamie both walked away $10,000 richer for their performance on the challenging slopestyle course.


Under sunny cloudless skies 16 men and 8 women demonstrated the dramatic progression of slopestyle riding in this new Olympic snowboarding discipline.

Chas Guldemond killed it in his second run with a Frontside Lipslide, Backside 180 to 360 Out, Half Cab 180 Backside 180, Switch Backside 900, Backside Double Cork 1080, Backside Rodeo 900 and a Cab 270 Backside Lipslide to Frontside Boardslide.

"This is a complete turnaround from last year.  I felt really good and was really stoked on the event," said Chas. "The weather was great and is the best I've ever experienced at a contest.  This was an awesome contest and Burton took good care of us."

Close on his heels was fellow American Justin Morgan with a Frontside Boardslide, Frontside 270 450 Out, Boardslide to Fakie, Swtich Backside 900, Frontside 1080, Double Backside Rodeo 900 and 360 in to Disaster 270 Out to Whole Jam to Frontflip.  USA dominated the podium as third place winner was Brandon Reis with a BacksideLipslide, Backside 180 to Switch Nosepress 180 Out, Boardslide to FrontsideBoardslide to Fakie Out, Swtich Frontside 720, Switch Backside 900, Backside 900 and Swtich Boardslide to Pole Jam Backside 360.


In the women's competition, Jamie Anderson came back to win CANO for a second time with a solid run that included Boardslide, Tailslide 270 Out, Tailslide to Fakie, Switch Frontside 540, Backside 540, Swtich Backside 540 and Tail Grab to Backside 50-50 Backside 180 Out.

"Feels great to be back in Calgary this year.  Weather is beautiful, it's a fun course and I landed a good run as well as all my 5's," said Jamie.


Coming in second place behind Jamie was Swiss rider Sina Candrian who held it down with a Frontside 50-50 to Noseslide, Boardslide, 50-50 Frontside 180 Out, Switch Frontside 540, Backside 360, Frontside 720 and 50-50 to Frontside Lipslide.  Rounding out the three was Stefi Luxton (NZL) with an impressive second run that included 50-50 Frontside 360 Out, Frontside Boardslide, 50-50 Frontside 180 Out, Swtich Frontside 540, Backside 360, Frontside 540 and Half Cab to Frontside Boardslide.

All BGOS events are part of the TTR World Snowboard Tour and every rider who competed at the Canadian Open has earned points towards the TTR World Tour Ranking lists. The most notable changes after today’s competition in the TTR Rankings were on the women’s side with Jamie Anderson moving into the World No. 1 position, Shelly Gotlieb inWorld No. 2 and Stefi Luxton now in World No. 3 in the TTR Slopestyle Tour Rankings.

Once again in the 2011-2012 season, MINI is throwing down some serious cash and prizes to the most creative riders in the Burton Global Open Series. During today's slopestyle finals, top riders took creativity to an all time high with Jamie Anderson blowing the crowd away during her final victory run with a "Starksy and Hutch" over the MINI car feature. Chaz Guldemond continued to get his creative on with a 3 "Roofy" Stalefish that scored him the coveted CUOS award.   Both first place finishers came up $2500 richer courtesy of MINI.


Men's Slopestyle Finals Results

Name                                  Nationality          Sponsor                Points

1 Chas Guldemond             USA                ROCKSTAR          89.60

2 Justin Morgan                   USA                CLIFTON PARK    87.30

3 Brandon Reis                    USA                FLOW                     81.03


Women's Slopestyle Finals Results

Name                                 Nationality           Sponsor                  Points

1 Jamie Anderson              USA               BILLABONG           88.68

2 Sina Candrian                 SUI                 FILMS                      73.93

3 Stefi Luxton                      NZL                RIDE                        73.50