The Bone Zone is Back: Introducing The Bone Zone at Brighton

Back From the Dead: The Bone Zone

The Forest Service and Utah's Canyon Police will have a hard time dismantling this one— The Bone Zone is making a comeback, and this time it's found a new, legitimate home at Brighton Resort.

As the go-to spot for early season shredding, the original Bone Zone was the sacred and secret SLC jib arena nestled deep within the woods on Guardsman Pass. It was kept up by a devout crew, until it met its untimely demise in 2013 when it was discovered by Forest Service who shut down the spot and sawed apart all the features.

Several attempts to revamp that Bone Zone were made last year, but none fully came to fruition, leaving many to believe the beloved wooded shred spot would never be erected again, until recently…

Images of a new Bone Zone have been percolating around the web, so we reached out to Jared Winkler, Brighton’s Marketing Director, for the details on the new and licit Bone Zone.

Check out images of the construction of the new Bone Zone above courtesy of @BonezoneBrighton and @BrightonResort and read on for the scoop from Jared.


The Bone Zone is coming back. Photo: Scotty Arnold.

Bone Zone at Brighton: How did this come to be?

Alex Andrews and Ted Borland had the idea of taking the Bone Zone out of the forest and making it legit by building it on private property. So their first thought was Brighton.

Where will this new Zone be located?

For pre-season, from first snow fall to the day we open, it will be located on our bunny slope area called Explorer. Then after we open for the season and have a need for a beginner hill, we will bring the features to the main parks through out the mountain.


1 week into the setup. Photo: @BoneZoneBrighton

How is the set-up looking, can you let us in on any features planned for the season?

The set-up is off to a good start. There are already many logs built into jibs and we have a stack of steel features waiting for snow to be placed. Kids will have to keep their eyes on the gram to see what's in the works.

Who all has been helping to build the new Bone Zone?

There has been a great response for people wanting to help out. So far I have seen a good amount of local pros working the Zone. Ted Borland, Alex Andrews, Ben Bogart, Chris Grenier, Bode Merrill, Alex Sherman, Al-Pal, Jeff Holce, Shane Grimes and few others.

Will Bone Zone be open all season?

Yes, with location change and designed more to handle high winter traffic. Location TBD.


Making magic. Photo: @bonezonebrighton

Can people just hike it, no passes needed?

Yes. The plan for now is no passes needed. If people want to ride the lift they will need to have a pass. We may require people to sign a waiver but thats still in the works with the legal team.

Maybe it’s too early to tell, but timing-wise, when will the zone be open for shredding?

ASAP! Any snow and it’s a go…

When it Brighton's opening day?

No set date. ASAP once we have enough snow to ride from top to bottom. Usually happens around first or second week of November.

What else should we know about the Bone Zone at Brighton?

Everyone is invited. (Snowboarders, Skiers, Snowskaters, Snowbikers and any other preferred methods of sliding on snow.) This is a respect gets respect park. Users are incurred to educate other users of the park rules. Like cleaning up after yourself and wait your turn to hit features. We will have a full list of rules on a sign at the bottom. Its all for fun and if it gets taken advantage of it can go away quickly.

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