August 29, Big Bear, CA- MFM & THE BLOCK Hotel are inviting all SNOWBOARDERS to apply for the first annual BLOCK Boot Camp in Big Bear Lake, CA – 10 days of training and development for a career in snowboarder hospitality. Working at “The World’s First Snowboarder Hotel is not for everyone, but if you think you have the drive, discipline, and stamina to thrive in this environment, find out more information at Boot Camp graduates will be eligible for immediate hire at current and future BLOCK Hotel locations. Please apply by emailing your resume (include full name, address and contact information) and a short bio to:

This Boot Camp will also includes team members that will be featured in Season 2 of “THE BLOCK” reality series airing in 2008 (we do not “cast” for the show). Visit to learn more about the show and see some exclusive scenes from Season 1.

“Working at THE BLOCK takes a huge amount of learning, self discipline and attention to detail,..we get emails from all over the world every week asking for opportunities to work with us; we figured it was time we set up a system of preparing a workforce to work anywhere in the world,” says Liko Smith, Co-founder of THE BLOCK Hotels. “Managers in our company get free housing, a BLOCK vehicle and a great salary, not to mention the ability to snowboard every winter. We want to be sure we hire the best at every level…and it starts with boot camp 07,” he finishes,

THE BLOCK plans on opening two or more new locations in 2008 and many more locations in the next 3 years. ALL graduates of the Camp will be immediately “available for hire” at ALL BLOCK locations across the globe. Some may receive job offers immediately upon completion, while others will be placed on a “hire” list for positions in the future.

Camp candidates will receive general instruction in areas such as : snow resort operations, hotel operations, special event management, leadership, guest service, and teamwork also strategies on self improvement.

THE BLOCK Boot Camp 07 will test your physical, mental, and educational limits. ALL participants must be able to perform the minimum (a physical test will be administered upon check in):


20 push-ups

20 sit-ups

High School Diploma or Equivalent

Run 2 miles in less than 18 minutes

Be able to stand and work for long durations (up to 12 hours)All graduates will receive:

1. THE BLOCK gear- Class of 07, Graduation Certificate

2. $250 enlistment bonus for those hired on graduation day

3. VIP invite to THE BLOCK Party

NOTE: ALL uniforms, meals and lodging will be provided but this is fully voluntary- no pay will be granted during the Boot Camp. Also, arrival to Boot Camp at THE BLOCK at Big Bear is the responsibility of the Candidate.

BLOCK Boot Camp 07 candidates will be selected on or before October 31, 2007. Personal Invitations will be sent out via 1st class mail from Marc Frank Montoya and Liko Smith. Good luck!

THE BLOCK Hotels are “The World’s First Snowboarder Hotels,” created by Professional Snowboarder Marc Frank Montoya and Las Vegas Hotelier Liko S. Smith. The hotels feature the most inventive rooms in the hotel industry, “Signature Suites” by companies such as DVS Shoe Co, TransWorld Snowboarding Magazine, Jones Soda Co, Zoo York, SPY Optic, Nikita clothing, Bear Mountain Resort, Boost Mobile, Vestal Watches and others. There is also a “Liberty Lounge” by Liberty Board Shop of Southern California in Big Bear and the NJB Lounge in Lake Tahoe by NJB Clothing. Poker rooms exist at both hotels created by Delta 9 and Season Five clothing companies respectively.

All guests receive free energy drinks, energy bars, Pabst Blue Ribbon (21+), popcorn, DVD movies, and PS2 games, as well as free wi-fi access and board waxing in a personal waxing room created by BLUEBIRD Wax. All rooms come equipped with Grravity Suspension Racks, PS2 game consoles, boot/glove dryers, cordless phones and ipod compatible mini boom boxes and 56″ Widescreen HD Televisions (Big Bear), as well as original wall art photography by Burton Principal Photographer Dean “Blotto” Gray, Technine Photographer Ethan Fortier, and Snowboard Industry Photographer Andy Wright.

Investors include Professional Snowboarders Travis Parker, Mikey LeBlanc, Joni Malmi, Jussi Oksanen, JJ Thomas, Kurt Wastell, Chris Coulter, and Devun Walsh and professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek, as well as other industry veterans such as Dean “Blotto’ Gray, Ethan Fortier, Travis Wood, Stan Yu, Carter Katz, Brock Heckmann, Scott Heckmann, Doug Harley and Andy Wright.