“The Arena” Premiere in Reno

With premiere season opening earlier and earlier each year, (August? Seriously?) a new void has begun to develop come October and November, which is when your average shredder actually begins to gear up and start dreaming of a new winter. Its never been MFM or FODT's style to give it up on the first date, so October 15 was the chosen date for "The Arena" to be viewed by a packed house in the Xtreme (yes that's really the name) Sports Bar and Lounge in the Grand Sierra Hotel & Casino in Reno, NV.

So, what do you get when you mix kids from the Reno/Tahoe shred scene with a casino, a bar full of stiff drinks, boxes upon boxes of free product, the FODT crew, and Mr. Fab in concert? Total and utter madness, that's what. Serious video parts from Derek Dennison, Jonah Owen, and Dylan Thompson momentarily sobered up the crowd, and local young guns/PARTY ANIMALS Andrew Brewer and Johnny Lazz got everyone's vision spinning again before Mr. Fab could even take the stage. Minus a few fights and some stingy dealers and pit bosses, an amazing time was had by all, and personally, stoke is high, and I'm now counting down the days until the lifts start turning again so I can ride with my friends, which honestly, is exactly how a snowboard movie premiere should be.— Sean Sullivan.