After announcing in early March that TAC was searching the globe for a new home due to construction on its current venue, contest organizers have locked in a temporary location for 2009 in Oslo and worked out a deal to bring the iconic quarterpipe showdown back to Holmenkollen Ski Jump arena in Oslo in 2010. The plan also includes the development of two nearby, permanent arenas for slopestyle and halfpipe events.
“Our goal is to have a great spectator experience and bring this to the level of alpine skiing, or in the best-case scenario like soccer here,” says TAC CEO Henning Anderson. “The goal is to have fixed arenas every year with seating for fans and just have a great show for them.”
TAC began looking for a new location after learning that the Holmenkollen arena is being re-built to host the ski world championships in 2011. However, hosting an “Arctic” challenge outside of Norway just didn’t seem right, so TAC has been working with developers and the local government to add to that project and build out new facilities on the Holmenkollen ridge, situated just outside Oslo, to include three separate venues capable of hosting quarterpipe, slopestyle, and halfpipe events. The project is the culmination of a 13 million euro investment by local developers and the Oslo government to revitalize the area as a winter sports hub. The ski jump arena, where the quarterpipe contest is slated to return in 2010, is capable of holding as many as 30,000 spectators and the other venues can hold 5,000.
For 2009 the quarterpipe will be held at a smaller ski jumping arena in Oslo called Linderudkollen, and the slopestyle will be at Tryvann Vinterpark, where the new areas will be built. TAC was founded in 1999 by legendary Norwegian cat Terje Haakonsen to help progress the sport, and has not hosted all three disciplines since 2003.