The Arctic Challenge Count Down

Olso, Norway--The Oakley Arctic Challenge is in its final stage of preparation here in Olso, Norway. TAC is seen by many as the premier snowboard event each year, organized by Terje Haakonsen and put on by snowboarders for snowboarders. This invite only event combines the top 24 quarterpipe riders in the world for a massive man-made monument in Oslo. This year’s venue will be unlike any in the best with countless hours of science, on-site development and manicuring by the event organizers and Terje himself!

Once again, Oakley is offering up the “Gold Timebomb watch to the first rider that achieves a 10-meter air. The past six years TAC has been chasing the seemingly elusive 10 meter (30 foot) air, that Heikki Sorsa missed by a mere foot in 2001. To maximize the chance for the riders of this year’s event in reaching the 10-meter mark, the TAC crew has been hard at work. First we started with the “science of transition as our event focus, looking into the mathematics of how a rider could achieve a 10-meter air; from there we were able to figure out the necessary elements with the key addition being the 10-meter high drop in ramp.

Other new additions to this year’s event is the format, TAC has changed up the schedule so there are four days of practice and two days of competition. Thus giving the riders the extra time to get used to the large transition and really prepare them for the finals on Saturday. Also, in the past the contest has been plagued by the ever-changing Norwegian weather, to try and work with Mother Nature the event has been stationed in Olso, and pushed up in snowboard calendar season to the first weekend in March.

We will be providing you with many more updates all next week as practice begins on Monday and the riders prepare for Friday and Saturday’s competition. A live webcast will be available from on Freecaster – click here to visit the link. In the meantime check out the course layout for this year’s event to get a true feel for the venue.