The Adventures Of Danny And The Dingo Premieres

Grenade gets real with "The Adventures Of Danny And The Dingo"

New Fuel TV reality show roadtrips across America with the infamous Grenerds

PORTLAND, OREGON—September 29, 2008—Grenade President and two-time Olympic Silver Medalist Snowboarder Danny Kass and his sidekick, snowboarding personality The Dingo, are bringing their wild times into living rooms across America. Their new reality show, "The Adventures of Danny and The Dingo" debuts this week on the Fuel TV network.  The show chronicles the best friends' antics on and off the slopes as they compete in major competitions and search for the next great undiscovered rider on the Grenade Strikes Back Series.

"The Adventures of Danny and The Dingo" features world-class snowboarding teamed with madness.  The eight episode series takes fans into the world of professional snowboarding, and gives talented amateurs a chance to compete in front of the pros for a shot at a big-time prize and industry recognition.

"So many crazy things happen behind the scenes, we just want to make sure fans get to be a part of it," says the show's co-star, The Dingo.  "Some of the skateboarders have done that, with shows like 'Viva La Bam'.  But so far, snowboarding hasn't really been promoted in the same way, on a mass media level.  We want this show to do that for the sport."

The series begins at the X Games, as Danny, The Dingo and the rest of the Grenade crew cram themselves into a 30' RV for the "Grenade Strikes Back" Tour.  They head for the mountains in search of riders, inviting only the freshest talent to compete in the Grenade Games.  When they're not on their boards, the team manages to get into all kinds of trouble. Cameras are rolling as they drive a hotel manager over the edge, attempt to eat nothing but frozen pizza rolls, and play a practical joke with a permanent punch line at the tattoo parlor. The season finale wraps up at the Grenade Games, as the team judges the finalists they met on the road and awards the winner with a spot on the Grenade Team and his own signature piece of Grenade gloves.

The first season of "The Adventures of Danny and The Dingo" premieres Tuesday, September 30th on Fuel TV.  Season two is already in production.  Please check your local listings for exact times, and visit the Fuel TV website and GrenadeGloves for more details.