October 4th fittingly brings with it the 4th annual Frontline Rail  

Jam. Pro shredder Kareem El Rafie and his business partner John  

Uppfeldt started Frontline Clothing in the hopes of pushing  

snowboarding style to it’s limits and beyond and this Rail Jam is no  

different. Europe’s largest underground rail jam will take place in  

the heart of Downtown Stockholm while being streamed live to the world  

via http://www.tacky.se/snowboard/article/?id=101158 After the $12,000  

has been dispersed amongst the deserving of the elite invited pros the  

party moves indoors to “Berns”. Year after year this party gains more  

notoriety as Kareem and friends do it like only the Euros can. 5 DJ’s  

and video premiers of both Sugarshack and Factor Films will keep the  

party-hungry going long after the sun comes up. You don’t want to miss  



October 4th 2008

4am-8am PDT (California)

7am-11am EDT(New York)



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