The 2001 TransWorld’s Riders’ Poll Awards

Sized up to be the best show since its inception, the 2001 TransWorld’s Riders’ Poll Awards tick closer to a scheduled detonation on Sunday, March 11 at 8:00 p.m. Ballots are submitted and tabulated, and formal invites are being circulated. The winners have been forcefully rounded up, transported to the vastness of the Nevada desert, and are now held captive in dark cells hundreds of feet below Hard Rock Hotel And Casino’s “The Joint.” First and second place losers will be culled from the heard on the spot in an effort to protect the overall survival of the species.

The categories are tight, the nominees undeniably respected and unfailingly worthy. The awards presenters are of epic status and include Terje Haakonsen, Jason “J2” Rasmus, Mikey LeBlanc, Peter Line, The Wildcats, Marc Frank Montoya, Kevin Jones, and many other hard, hungry, and homeless riders.

Presented by Ford Ranger, sponsored by DuraSurf and SIA, the Riders’ Poll Awards are to be hosted by Selema Masekela with musical performances from DJ Iron Mike, as well as pros Dave Lee and Todd Schlosser’s band Eris.

Frantic audio, boosted video, full-on heroes, and sideshow freaks¿plug into following the event for the online exclusive and check back next season with TransWorld SNOWboarding magazine for fuller photo hype and tiny printed type.