The legendary Terje Hà¥konsen has for many years been an advocate of healthy living. He has been fronting organic food for many years now and the riders at Terje’s own event the Arctic Challenge has been treated to delicious and healthy food during their stays in Norway. The last couple of years Hà¥konsen has also been running his own organic bakery in Oslo.

Recently Terje was in a dispute with Norway’s largest consumer bank about copyright infringements, and as a part of their settlement about '¬18,000 were earmarked to promote organic food for school children.

Hà¥konsen is now involved in a brand new product devoloped by Norwegian scientists. The product, called Smartfish, is an Omega 3 enhanced well tasting juice and Terje is part owner of the company.

In a brand new commercial developed for Norwegian cinemas Terje is pictured as 122 years old and living at a senior citizen’s centre. Here he reflects on all the things he have been doing during his lifetime and skates around the hallways. The commercial will also be shown during the 2008 Arctic Challenge which is happening in few weeks in Oslo.

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