Terje Breaks World Record Air

Terje Haakonsen has been chasing down the ever-elusive world record of 9.3 meters by Heikki Sorsa in 2001 at TAC. Today, that record was shattered as Haakon set the standard on just his second run with a clean nine meter air, then with a monstrous 9.6 meter method, to the world record 9.8 meter air with a backside 360 out as Terje completely covered the Oakley Ellipse icon on top of the sword.

The crowd, team managers and riders absolutely lost it as everyone waited to hear the official height of Terje’s method. As the announcer began to speak, the crowd went silent with anticipation and then it was official at 9.8 meters The Viking King of Transition Riding had thrown down the largest air in the history of transition riding. Terje was given a bear hug of joy as everyone surrounded the Viking with cameras and smiles. Terje looked back at the Quarterpipe and the signature Haakon grin came across the Norwegian’s face. It was official; the man who started The Oakley Arctic Challenge was now the world record holder of his own event.

“Today, Terje and The Oakley Arctic Challenge were part of one of the most significant days in snowboarding history. By studying the science of transition, Norwegian rocket scientists helped us determine the speed, G Forces and transition needed for a rider to break the current world record. There is no question that Terje is the Icon of our sport and will be for many years to come, Matty Swanson, Snowboarding Sports Marketing Manager.