Temple Cummins and Mary Rand Win 2016 JLA Banked Slalom

Temple Cummins making it look oh-so-easy. Photo: Adam Moran
Berms to burn through Mammoth's Lower Dry Creek. Photo: Adam Moran
Gabe, the youngest Ferguson, and for now perhaps the fastest, on course. Photo: Adam Moran
Always the bridesmaid—Curtis Ciszek cruising into another third place podium. Photo: Adam Moran
"Hey, this is your course," said Billy Anderson. "It’s about the riders. How you make it is how it rides." Photo: Adam Moran
JLA forever. Photo: Adam Moran
Frank Knab coming out hot from the pump-bumps. Photo: Adam Moran
Markus Keller, always charging. Photo: Adam Moran
Scotty James navigating the berms with his rudder in full effect. Photo: Adam Moran
The next generation on course. Photo: Peter Morning
Billabong's Andrew Marriner follows Forest Marriner. Photo: Peter Morning
JLA mastermind Billy Anderson. Photo: Adam Moran
Pro Men winners L to R: Curtis Ciszek, Temple Cummins, Gabe Ferguson. Photo: Adam Moran
Pro Women's winners L to R: Mary Rand, Mariah Dugan. (Missing: Stefi Luxton) Photo: Adam Moran
Pro Masters winners L to R: JJ Johnson, Roan Rogers, Tim Gallagher. Photo: Adam Moran
Men's Am winners L to R: Andrew Marriner, Brent Anklam, Patrick Reddy. Photo: Adam Moran
Women's Am winners L to R: Ashley Strauss, Amanda Hankison, Brynn Hayes. Photo: Adam Moran
Boys 13–15 winners L to R: Bryn Nicholas, James Findlay, Henry Baff. Photo: Peter Morning
Boys 10–12 winners L to R, with Jamie Lynn: John Connolly, Levi Brown, Harry Hart. Photo: Peter Morning
Girls 13–15 winners L to R: Hailey Prather, Josie Baff, Maya Tubbs. Photo: Peter Morning
Boys 7–9 winners L to R, with Jamie Lynn: O'Shea Walder, Ewan Tomaier, Jonah Johnson. Photo: Peter Morning
Girls 10–12 winners L to R, with Jamie Lynn: Violet Alao, Mia Clift, Zeia Rose. Photo: Peter Morning
Boys 6 And Under winners L to R, with Jamie Lynn: Liam Hodges, Tanoa Weygand, Hudson McCall. Photo: Peter Morning
Girls 7–9 winners L to R, with Jamie Lynn: Bea Kim, Spencer Anderson, Sunny Walder. Photo: Peter Morning
Girls 6 And Under winners L to R, with Jamie Lynn: Ella Perry, Jeffery Anderson, Ayla Cummins. Photo: Peter Morning

Temple Cummins is a study in style. From the way he held the longest possible line through the berms at the 2016 JLA banked slalom on Saturday, squeezing the most momentum out of each turn, to how he bounced between answering interview questions at the awards and attending to the chatter of his 5-year old daughter Ayla, everything he does appears fluid, effortless.

Strangely, in a career that's spanned two decades, this was only Temple's third time to Mammoth Mountain. Yet it was well worth the 17-hour drive down with Ayla and his son Cannon from their home on Washington's North Olympic Peninsula—he won the Pro Men's division. This is the man who's claimed Duct Tape Gold at Mt. Baker's Legendary Banked Slalom four times, so it shouldn't come as a huge surprise.

Temple's win was far from an easy victory however; the entire Pro division was stacked this year. Volcom brought a crew 16 deep including Curtis Ciszek, Gabe Ferguson, Markus Keller, Seth Huot, Scott Blum, Parker Szumowski, and Cody Warble. Bryan Fox strapped in. So did Frank Knab and Shayne Pospisil. Jamie Lynn was present, and chilling.

In the end, Curtis got third, following up his third place at the recent Zig Zag Banked Slalom at Baldface Lodge up in BC. Gabe Ferguson, by far the youngest on the podium, took second, rounding out a Northwest rider sweep.

In the Pro Women's division, Mary Rand continued to prove her dominance on any surface by topping those ranks. Less than three-tenths of a second behind, Mariah Dugan picked up second, followed by Stefi Luxton in third.

But the JLA is about much more than the pros. It's about bringing together generations of riders in a celebration of snowboarding, the life of Jeff Anderson, who passed away in 2001, and raising money for the JLA Project.

The JLA awards: a full house of Mammoth locals and world travelers alike. Photo: Adam Moran

Now in its fourth year, the JLA attracted its largest field yet, with 250 riders powering through over 500 runs at Saturday's main event. On Sunday, another 62 groms ran the course in categories from ages 13–15 and 6 And Under.

This time the race was held on Lower Dry Creek gulley, winding between trees and making maximum use of the run's natural contours. While the location changes year to year, what really makes the course unique is the philosophy behind the build. Instead of shaping the turns with shovels, event organizer Billy Anderson worked with local Scott Blum and ex-pro Joe Weniger, who returned to his stomping grounds at Mammoth from New Jersey, to ride the course in. Once the line was set, TJ Dawoud's park crew helped polish it a little and added a set of pump-bumps across the upper flats to help build speed before the dive into the gulley.

The 2016 JLA course: Thirty-five turns to lay into. Photo: Adam Moran

"A lot of these turns were set, rode and then shaped afterwards just to help with maintenance," says Billy. "When you looked at the berms there was maybe only 8- to 10-inches on top of if, but when you stand at the bottom of it, it was a 6-foot bank, just because of the natural terrain. To take advantage of that in a run, it was pretty cool."

Here's to counting the days until next year.


2016 JLA Banked Slalom Results
(Combined two run time in seconds)

Pro Men

Temple Cummins: 151.45
Gabe Ferguson: 151.67
Curtis Ciszek: 151.95
Garrett Warnick: 152.74
Shayne Pospisil: 154.88
Bryan Fox: 156.37
Scotty James: 157.38
Devin Tubbs: 157.77
Markus Keller: 158.45
Scott Blum: 158.87

Pro Women

Mary Rand: 166.55
Mariah Dugan: 166.8
Stefi Luxton: 168.36
Christy Prior: 168.92
Jordie Karlinski: 169.19
Kalyn Lepre: 174.08
Maribeth Kramer: 174.7
Marguerite Cossettini: 176.26
Caley Vanular: 181.04
Kimmy Fasani: 193

Pro Masters

Roan Rogers: 159.65
Tim Gallagher: 163.21
JJ Johnson: 163.52
Gabe Taylor: 164.17
Christopher Hodges: 166.98
William Reginew: 167
Peter Baff: 167.23
Chad Martin: 168.97
Johansen Johanden: 170.21
Josh Hevron: 171.34

Men's Am

Brent Anklam: 158.75
Patrick Reddy: 159.46
Andrew Marriner: 160.07
Jon Brusky: 161.46
Stefan Clausen: 163.03
Jacob Fulton: 163.52
Robert Lewis: 163.73
Nathan Bishop: 165.37
Adam Moran: 165.79
Patrick Barraza: 165.99

Women's Am

Amanda Hankison: 170.72
Brynn Hayes: 173.67
Ashley Strauss: 178.37
Christine Carelly: 186.7
Andrea McCartney : 191.42
Stephani Hukkanen: 193.48
Karly Dawson: 198.1
Zeia Rose: 202.27
Neev Zaiet: 207.65
Michelle Tomaier : 214.52

Most Average Award and a trip to Baldface Lodge
(Time from the exact middle of the field)

Frank Knaack

Boys 13–15
(Best of two runs, minutes and seconds)

James Findlay: 1:04.17
Henry Baff : 1:04.54
Bryn Nicholas: 1:04.64
Lachy Marsh: 1:05.49
Nick Hildebrand: 1:07.23
Jacob Schroder: 1:09.73
Michael Marusicz: 1:14.40
Julian Harvey: 1:15.95
Caleb Willey: 1:16.76
Cameron Gardea: 1:19.43

Boys 10–12

Levi Brown: 1:06.81
Harry Hart: 1:09.73
John Connolly: 1:10.32
Brandon Willey: 1:16.90
Sloan Fergin: 1:21.39
Kieran Alsbury-Bec: 1:22.56
Hunter Harrington: 1:26.59
Lucas Reeves: 1:27.02
Sebastian Stade: 1:28.48
Mateo Reeves: 1:30.67
Benji Prather: 1:43.57
Cannon Cummins: 1:46.42
Luke Harrison: 1:47.41

Boys 7–9

Ewen Tomaier: 1:16.65
Jonah Johnson: 1:22.50
O’Shea Walder: 1:23.19
Rylen Nash: 1:33.99
Jay Larson: 1:34.90
Jesse Harrison: 2:06.27

Boys 6 And Under

Tanoa Weygand: 1:32.36
Hudson McCall: 1:43.78
Liam Hodges: 2:19.28
Waylon Martin: 2:44.56
Forest Marriner: 3:04.44
Ash Crick: 3:34.32
Crue Walder: 4:15.53
Walter Kim: 4:16.27

Girls 13–15

Josie Baff: 1:11.90
Maya Tubbs: 1:50.65
Hailey Prather: 1:58.49

Girls 10–12

Mia Clift: 1:12.06
Zeia Rose: 1:17.52
Violet Alao: 2:30.77

Girls 7–9

Spencer Anderson: 1:37.09
Sunny Walder: 1:53.71
Bea Kim: 1:59.67
Ellie Martin: 2:02.89
Sage Harper: 2:36.72
Stella Harper: 2:50.79
Callecia Yates: 2:55.40
Piper Prather: 4:54.43

Girls 6 And Under

Jeffrey Anderson: 2:14.99
Ayla Cummins: 2:52.21
Ella Perry: 3:19.95
Talullah Yates: 4:24.89