In an e-mail from the International Snowboard Federation on September 8, 1999 it was announced that Telluride would no longer be hosting the 2000 ISF World Snowboard Championships. The e-mail continues as follows:

“In January 1999, the ISF Board of Directors officially attributed the organization of the 5th ISF World Championships to Telluride Colorado. In order to secure the organization and the financing of this event, Telluride Ski & Golf Company (Telski) was to form a partnership with the marketing & event promoter company Executive Sports International (ESI).

“Unfortunately, for reasons unrelated to the Championships, ESI declined in late June of this year to participate as our partner in the Championships. Since that time Telski has explored the possibility of enlisting another event partner or of promoting the Championships itself, but after a thorough search of the market for other partners and corporate sponsors, Telski has determined that both of these approaches are impossible.

“Since this decision was announced many contacts and possibilities have been explored. Today, the Austrian resort of Bad Kleinkirchheim (part of the Olympic bid with Klagenfurt 2006) has expressed their high interest in hosting the event. ISF representatives Peter Bayer (Tour Coordinator Europe) and Christian Savioz have already visited the resort in order to evaluate the possibilities. All necessary technical demands are fulfilled and the resort is now researching for the financial back up from the Tourism board, the cable car company, the State of Carinthia and the city of Klagenfurt which would host a halfpipe night final.

“Bad Kleinkirchheim is the perfect resort to host such an event, with their experience in international snowboard contests, ski world cup organization and music festivals. Having one discipline hosted in the city of Klagenfurt (90’000 inhabitants), the halfpipe night final, will attract as many spectators as ever seen at a snowboard event,” said Peter Bayer.

“Should a positive decision be made within a few days, the final contract should be signed on Friday September 17th, 1999 and would lead to the greatest event opening the 2nd millenium.

“By being the first “officially recognized” World Championships event of the 2nd millenium, the 5th ISF World Championships would be the best opportunity for the sport of snowboarding, the region of Klagenfurt and Bad Kleinkirchheim, and the ISF to show to the world the attractiveness of this fast growing sport. More to come on September 17th, after the signature of the contract.