We are looking for snowboarders looking to take their riding to the next level…

Team Utah Snowboarding Inc.
A Non-profit Corporation
(888) 887-3282

If a rider has the passion and drive, Utah, with its amazing mountains and epic snow conditions should be a place for their dreams to be realized regardless of the size of their bank account.

The goal of Team Utah is to provide snowboarders with the best chance at a career within the snowboard industry. We offer a range of services for all ages which includes coaching, filming, and opportunities for industry involvement including competition, internships, and volunteering.

Our holistic approach is based around the belief that snowboarding is both a sport and a lifestyle, and to make it in this industry a rider needs more than just a big bag of tricks. Every team member starts this journey that we call 'the path to pro’ by creating a personalized goal set which outlines what goals they will be shooting for and what level of participation they will have with the team.

We currently offer programs throughout the state of Utah, at Beaver Mountain, Wolf Mountain, Snowbasin, Snowbird, Brighton, Canyons, Park City Mountain Resort, and Sundance. We are now hiring snowboard coaches, marketing interns, and recruiting new members on an ongoing basis. Do you want to take your snowboard career to the next level? Contact us.

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