Team O’Neill Presents “Tweaker”

O’Neill pulls the focus and trains the viewfinder on the very core ofsnowboarding style in their new DVD, Tweaker. Profiling, documenting andflaunting the diverse talents of the O’Neill Europe snowboard team, as theytravel the globe in search of suitable terrains from which to preach thefuture of snowboarding performance and style.

Capturing fresh lines drawn from snowboarding’s most established havens topioneering sessions from remote outposts, the riders swallow them all withtheir style orientated, unwavering ability to innovate and push theboundaries of performance across the entire snowboarding spectrum.

From the unequivocal natural beauties of fresh powder runs, to the world’smost rugged and extreme terrains and on to the wonders of man crafted,perfect snowparks with their abundance of kickers, pipes, rails andpossibilities lines as well as the improvised urban playgrounds; exhibit A,Tweaker, stands as evidence that the O’Neill crew are a major driving forcein the new snowboarding movement.

Hosted by the established talents of Gian Simmen, Stefan Gimpl, ThomasHarstad, Eirik Haugo, Dani Costandaché and Alex Coudray as well asintroducing the new blood of the team: Max Delayen, Antoine Delayen andFredrik Evensen; Tweaker is a glimpse into the crystal ball and thecharacters that are scripting the future of snowboarding.

With free ride sessions from the Mammoth (USA), Verbier (CH), Davos (CH),Tahoe (USA) and Laax (CH) as well as the adrenalin fuelled contests of theO’Neill SB-Jam (CH), Artic Challenge (NOR) and the Red Bull Xtreme (CH).Tweaker is alluringly filmed, surgically edited and complimented by aneclectic soundtrack that will leave you fired up, focussed on innovation andtweaking your style as you enter the 2003/04 season.