The crew at SWITCHBACK BINDINGS today announced the first riders on their PRO TEAM to be Iceland’s finest Eiki and Halldor Helgason.

EIKI HELGASON – “Stoked on the flexibility it offers. It allows me to ride exactly the way I wanna ride. Highback or No back…depending on the terrain, location or feature. Hell Yeah!”

HALLDOR HELGASON – “I can set it up in just the craziest combo’s…. shiiiiiiiiiet”

“Following the successful Triple Base Technology license partnership with Eiki and Halldor Helgason’s LOBSTER SNOWBOARDS 
we are pleased to welcome both brothers onto our latest project SWITCHBACK BINDINGS” says Switchback Bindings founder Dennis Dusseldorp.
“SWITCHBACK BINDINGS is just all about the riders and both Eiki and Halldor have designed their own PRO-MODELS which will 
be shown during SIA and ISPO for the first time. Expect personalized parts, prints and color-ways in true Helgasons style”

Danny Kiebert (Co-Founder Switchback Bindings) adds: “The Helgasons are amongst the most creative and passionate riders out there and their input on products like this is awesome and key to the future of snowboarding. The way they approach snowboarding is unique and we are pleased to be able to tap into their creative minds and translate that into our products.”

More team and other info dropping soon including the first video’s, product images and Iphone apps.