World-Class Snowboarders Competed in the Elite Event in Italy

A smattering of world-class snowboarders took over the Nine Knights Big Air Contest in Livigno, Italy on Friday, April 10th, and stomped major tricks on the sprawling, massive course shaped like a gigantic snow castle.

Sven Thorgren rode well all week, even guinea-pigging the course on the first day, and clinched the coveted win with his flawless style and massive spins.  He landed his first-ever frontside triple cork 1440, a huge cab 1260 roast beef shifty, and a backside rodeo 540 nose grab to seal the deal.

"It feels so crazy to win today!” Said Sven following his impressive win. “This was my first time landing my frontside triple and I'm just super pumped," he continued, excitedly.

Fellow Swede, Tor Lundström, took second, and Belgian rider Seppe Smits placed third on the mega castle-themed jump.

Nine Knights, now in it’s ninth year, proved to be an ultra progressive event and was filled with heavy action all week. Stay tuned for the recap edit dropping soon.


Sven Thorgren:  Frontside Triple Cork 1440 (personal first), Cab 1260 Roastbeef Shifty Shifty,  Backside Rodeo 540 Nosegrab

Tor Lundström: Backside Triple Cork 1440 Mute, Frontside 1440 Mute (personal first day 4), Frontside 360 Stale

Seppe Smits:  Backside Triple 1440 nose (personal first), Cab 1260 mute, Switch Backside 180 Method

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